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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Reid is Wrong on Energy

More evidence exist that Reid, Pelosi & Company are out of touch with voters on the topic of energy.

But 52% of voters surveyed Tuesday night reject Reid's claim about coal. That’s more than double the 22% who agree with Reid.

Rasmussen Reports
Similarly, 50% of Americans disagree with the claim that relying on oil for energy makes us sick. Thirty-one percent (31%) agree with Reid on that point. Reid’s declaration that America needs to stop using fossil fuels is rejected by 51% of voters and supported by 31%.


Political IV said...

Comments should pertain to the original post.

TF said...

Even though I'm guilty too of using polling data to support one premise or another I think its
usually kinda wrongheaded to determine right or wrong on that basis of polls.
My gut-feel is that voters are generally looking for firm inspired national direction and genuine leadership in the realm of national energy policy. So far, unfortunately, there hasn't been much of that from either side. The candidate and party that will offer that leadership will leap ahead in those same polls. Its what the electorate wants right now.

Anonymous said...

Well, if half of the American public says that coal is good for our air and the lives of coal miners...IT MUST BE SO!


Anonymous said...

iv, lemme get this straight: the title, and apparently thesis, of your post is "reid is wrong on energy", yet the only evidence you offer in support of this is a poll? what on earth kind of argument is that? i think you need to try a little harder.

RWiley said...

Like Scott, I like polls too. Especially when they go my way. However, my better judgement always overcomes me when I think of the statistic classes I took in College. Rasmussen is always questionable since it uses one of the smallest sample sizes of any of the big commercial polls and their question and graphics is written and provided by the subscriber. Their sample size is 500 and the typical weight given is only .30. A sample like that would only suffice for politics or sports fans.

RWiley said...

Coal is Dirty

NorthCountryLiberal said...

The coal lobby spends millions on sweet soft comercials about how socially responsible they are and how safe coal is. They apparently work if the polls ae correct.

Only an idiot would argue that coal burning is safe or good for the environment.

What pisses me off is that in the end, the millions they spend to brainwash the public is passed on in what we pay for the energy they produce.

Crian said...

Most of these guys have already said what I wanted to say however I also want to add that the GOP and the Republican party are contributing to the illusion the american people are under which is more drilling is going to solve things in the short term. The Democrats need to fight back and make sure people hear the message that they are in this political race to ensure the long term success of America and not just the survival.

Anonymous said...

Hell, let our kids worry about the future of energy. I want to use as much oil and coal as possible before someone else gets to it.

Anonymous said...


No one ever failed by underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Another poll demonstrates why.

Thanks, but I'll trust science over the opinion of the uninformed and underinformed masses.

Reid is spot on with the scientific data.

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