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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Addie Jenne Russell: Liberal Agenda

Addie Jenne Russell, candidate for Assembly in the 118th District running against Bobby Cantwell interviews with Mayor Jeff Graham on the Hotline. Addie appears very calm, relaxed and also very resolute in her views and those views are very liberal stances on social and fiscal issues and below are a couple of short clips of the interview.

There will be a clear difference in candidates on social and fiscal issues this fall, as a matter of fact Addie is on an oasis when compared to all the candidates on her social views, even Aubertine, a conservative democrat is not even this far left of center. 

The first clip here Addie claims the gas sales tax cap by the Jefferson County Legislature eliminating sales tax above $2.00 a gallon is not working. Addie supported the sales tax cap and now appears to have a change of position on this issue, therefore the conclusion is she favors the eliminating the gas tax cap which will raise taxes on gasoline.

The next clip of the interview Addie lays out her liberal agenda. Her candid responses seem to take the Hizzoner by surprise as he even proclaims "'cuz you just made news."

Clearly there are differences in these two candidates for the 118th Assembly in their social agenda, so far Cantwell appears conservative while Addie Jenne Russell is quite liberal in her positions. If you are voting on social issues this race will be an easy decision depending upon your positions.

(Credit & Hat Tip: Steve Weed Productions to view complete interview)


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to teach Ms. Russel math.

If the sales tax cap is removed on gas above 2.00, the price of gas will go up 8-10 cents per gallon immediately!

Just remember, as the price of fuel rises, the cost to get the fuel to Jefferson County for us to buy goes up. Its a never ending circle.

Leave the cap on.

TF said...

Seriously Scott--
Please watch both Bobby and Addie on Steve Weed Productions and make a serious, calculated determination as to which candidate would better represent us in Albany. We are both intense partisans and we could quibble about 'liberal' and 'conservative' until each of us are blue in the face. However, there is an obvious difference in political acumen, language skills and personna. You could consider doing what I do. When I find it difficult to support a candidate from my own party I usually just keep my own counsel. Thanks for letting me chime in.
Ted Ford

TF said...

By the way...Addie's positions almost exactly parallel republican Assemblyperson Dede Scozzafava.

Anonymous said...

Typical conservative. The county just lost another employer that paid better than minimum wage to 75 people, gas prices are going sky high and our Republican board gave our tax revenue back to the oil companies and Political IV is trying to scare county voters with the thought of gay marriages and abortions. If you don't vote Republican, you are going to get gay neighbors, babies will be killed and you will suffer under a black "Messiah". Nice party you have there.

Anonymous said...


I would prefer "red in the face" instead of "blue"

Judgement was never rendered on her positions, it simply stated she was calm and resolute, which translates to well thought out on her part. She is entitled to her beliefs and respected for them. If people differ on them that is fine as well.

No criticism was offered on her delivery, acumen or skills, she is an intelligent person.

This was not pro/con on the views it was simply stated it will be easy for people to align their views with these candidates.


Anonymous said...

To tell us that it was not pro/con is a joke, Scott. Otherwise you would not have used "quite liberal" to describe her and "conservative" to describe Cantwell.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Paid better than minimum wage, ha, that's rich.

Talk with somebody who worked at Brownville Specialty, and you will soon realize they paid a lousy wage.

That's what you get when you don't form a union.

Anonymous said...

At least if you are not in a union, the Watertown Chamber will welcome your business. Count your blessings,

Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by a Republican.

Anonymous said...

To anon #1:

You can thank the Republican writers and County Board members of this blog for one of the biggest mistakes ever! Read this:

Oswego County could soon lift gas tax cap

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot, that was from an Oswego County poser, as Scott likes to call us.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to connect with Cantwell. I am not sure of what he is saying.

Anonymous said...

And, 75 jobs in Brownville. Thanks, Republicans.

The world's biggest economy lost jobs for a sixth straight month in June as US employers shed 62,000 nonfarm jobs amid a lingering slowdown, a Labor Department report showed Thursday.
The unemployment rate held steady last month at 5.5 percent.
The volume of job losses was slightly worse than the markets had expected, as most economists had predicted that 60,000 posts were cut in June.

Anonymous said...

"and 75 jobs in Brownville"

Thank Republicans?? My A$$ and get your head out of your A$$.

Democrats control Congress
NYS Governor is a Democrat
NYS Senator Aubertine a Democrat
Jeff Co Job Development Corp Board President is a Democrat and IBEW Union Business Manager
Don Alexander Interim Director of the Industrial Development Agency, Owner Brownville Specialty and close friend of Senator Aubertine.

So thanks Democrats is in order, accept the responsibility, you can't control everything and still want to blame Republicans.

Anonymous said...

The anon. above lives in a small world. He forgot that Mr. Bush drove this economy the last 7 years. The Republicans lied about a war, have spent billions to secure and protect the oil profits, raided the surplus and gave it to their friends, and put the local governments in financial jeopardy. You have to get out more, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Look around you, Scott, and open your ears and eyes, then name ONE good thing that the Republicans have done for the economy since George Bush started borrowing from our future while giving a few bucks to the little guy but giving godzillions to his rich friends.
It is never going to be easy and a Republican will never take responsibility for anything, but only the Democrats can come in and clean up your mess as they did after Republicans allowed the robber barons to steal our country during the twenties and flounder during the thirties.

Anonymous said...

So the attitude of the Republicans in Jeff. Co. is that those 75 jobs were no good anyway especially since the owner was a friend of a politician. You boys over there sure have a weird way of looking at things.

Anonymous said...

The JOBS in Brownville were propped up by the local JCIDA, as was Knowlton Bros. it's an economy created by government, a false economy so to speak.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see you anonymously attacking the credibility of one of your colleagues on the county board.

Anonymous said...

Anon. above:

"a false economy so to speak."

Our nation's businesses, including small businesses get all kinds of tax breaks and subsidies. I do not disagree with that, because their intent is to help create jobs. It is a form of entitlement, but it seems to work.

But, to single out 75 jobs and call it false economy is just plain wrong. We need every one we can get.

I hope the other members of our county board do not have the same attitude.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, I'm a little tired of you getting the credit for my comments being left on DD's board. You'd think that the responders (and yes, a couple of them paid democrat responders) would be able to know the difference with your way of writing and mine. Anyways, you keep yours coming too.

Anonymous said...

No wonder we don't see her in Church lately. That second comment could get her ex-communicated from the Catholic Church.

RWiley said...

"Hey Scott, I'm a little tired of you getting the credit for my comments being left on DD's board.'

There is an easy solution to that, Anon. Use the same name every time you post a comment. Scott should do the same.

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