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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Strong Message From Treadwell

Just as the Democratic Congress has entered shut down mode and their approval rating is in the sink hole Congressional candidate Sandy Treadwell introduces a timely commercial.


Anonymous said...

Republicans and Democrats, alike, have been giving us these same sound bites for years. What makes this commercial timely?

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes them timely. It's just ole "Political IV" feeding us more of her/his partisan BS.

Worried about approval ratings? that's a joke... never heard you talk about the biggest Republican - George Bush's approval ratings. Why not?

You are full of it and you do nothing but damage our democracy - you're a traitor to democracy and the people it is supposed to serve.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I was not sure who I was supporting for Congress early this year. I voted for Sweeney twice and then in 2006 changed my vote to Gillibrand. I do not know what femail could have ever voted for that scumbag. However, I went into this election season leaning Gillibrant again. Recently, after meeting Mr Treadwell and watching ads, I have decided that I am going to support Mr. Treadwell. The amount of personal wealth was also a plus for me, it assures me that he can not be bought by special interests. Mr Treadwell mentioned to me that he plans to open at least 1 campaign office in each county, once one opens up here, I plan to spend a lot of time there helping this great man.

Anonymous said...

Give me one good reason, other than the fact that Treadwell is a Republican, why we should get rid of Gillibrand. Seems to me she has done a pretty good job in her first two years. Congress has a low approval rating? Surely it can't be because Republicans, who were in charge for most of this decade, had anything to do with it. This website is as funny as Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh...the guy was a Pataki hack. You are nothing by a RINO. Be honest, you know nothing about this guy but the fact that he has pretty commercials with fields of flowers in the background...and THAT'S what you like.

Anonymous said...

Comment #3 was clearly written by the person who write this blog entry, trying to pass off as an unbiased sourced. Everyone in NNY knows that being a multimillionaire like Treadwell does NOT mean they can't be bought...just look at how Barclay had to pay thousands of NYSCOBA guys to attend his rallies!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey nitwit

"just look at how Barclay had to pay thousands of NYSCOBA guys to attend his rallies!!!"

Why don't you get you facts straight, Barclay DID NOT pay these people, the Union DID.

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