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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, July 21, 2008

Live From The Governor's Mansion It's, Three Men In A Room

The newest version of three men in a room met yesterday to hammer out some issues that will have significant impact.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is determined to enact Paterson's property tax cap and says he will be calling the Senate back into session this summer to accomplish it. Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is as determined, but his determination is to block the property tax cap, that puts the job of finding a compromise in the hands of Paterson.

Also, discussions are taking place about how to further trim the 2008-09 state budget. Paterson already ordered a 3%+ cut from every agency and with waning revenues more needs to be done in order to prevent an epic disaster for 2009-2010 budget.

A move such as cutting spending would make for interesting campaign trail dialogue, incumbents always want to be seen as fiscally responsible but you will never catch them cutting spending around election time and risk creating animosity with unions or any other special interest constituency. They ought to try it once, instead of just talking about it and see how the average taxpayer responds, they may surprise themselves. Then again, Albany is not much for surprises.

Finally, this is a fairly new topic, but they are looking for what possible relief is out their for homeowners as the winter heating season is approaching and home heating oil prices are sky rocketing.

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Dan Francis said...

The room's the same, only two players changed.

Same old, same old = change, eh?

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