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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 18, 2008


Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is all set to ride off into the sunset today as he announces his retirement.

Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco had this to say about Joe.
“Tomorrow marks the end of an era that has been defined by Joe Bruno’s lifetime of public service and commitment to our Capital District. To say that Joe Bruno will be missed, that his energetic advocacy on behalf of our community was appreciated, that his optimistic, courageous and iconic leadership was one of a kind, are all understatements.  There will only be one Joe Bruno - what he accomplished, the manner in which he shaped state government and his legacy in the State Senate are truly remarkable.  When it counted the most, our Capital District could always count on Joe Bruno. Even when he faced off against a ruthless Chief Executive bent on misusing state government, Joe Bruno stood his ground and never backed down or wavered.  All around our region, from the Rensselaer Rail Station, to SPAC, to the millions in funding he secured for countless community-based non-profit organizations, Joe Bruno’s legacy will forever be remembered, appreciated and respected.  We all wish Joe nothing but the very best as he embarks on the next chapter in an inspirational life that has yielded true dividends for the people of New York State.  I am not alone in saying thank you, Joe Bruno, for your service, friendship and principled leadership.”


TF said...

Uh, "principled leadership?" Is that why the FBI took cartons of
stuff out of his office on the day before he resigned.
Joe's principles have followed a winding path.

Anonymous said...

Now if we can get Silver to leave.

Anonymous said...

I like the part where he says terms should be extended, like there's a danger an incumbant will be voted out. Good Riddence.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lifelong Republican and I believe Bruno should have left 2 or 4 years ago. He and Pataki killed teh party. Pataki started the decay with the All George, All The Time Republican Party and Bruno followed it up by putting a hack like Joe Mondello in charge. I'm not a big Skelos fan and Tadisco is an idiot.

The biggest problem in Albany however is that slimy, arrogant crook Sheldon Silver. The man has no shame and is dangerous with his Big Brother government attitude. Malcolm Smith is a complete idiot and if he ever gets control of teh Senate we are in big, big trouble.

Are there any real leaders out there??

Are there any

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