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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

McLallen Rewarded for her Effort, But Not Francis

Doris Gorham McLallen, former candidate for the Jefferson County Legislature in district 11 who ran against Bob Boice and lost last year, is being rewarded by the Democratic Party for her efforts as a good candidate. She has been appointed by Governor Paterson to the Jefferson Community College Board of Trustees. She will be succeeding immediate past President Richard Howland.
Danny Francis, who was an announced candidate for the 23rd Congressional District but failed to obtain the required number of petitions for ballot access, actually saved taxpayers money, but he was not rewarded by the Democrats for his efforts.

If Danny had been successful in getting on the ballot, he would have forced a primary with fellow Democrat Michael Oot in 11 counties. The new ballot marking devices (voting machines) would have had to be dispatched to their respective polling places, at a considerable cost to the counties for the primary as well as the general election; therefore, by not having a primary Dan Francis actually saved the taxpayers, in several counties, money.

The Democrats must have figured that is as much of a consolation prize as necessary for a good government type like Dan.


Anonymous said...

In a July 12th blog post, Political IV trashes Charles Schumer at great length over a finance issues.

In response to a comment,
Political IV said...
It would be a fair statement to say I have banking experience.
July 12, 2008 1:15 PM

An interesting clarity from anonymous blogger Scott Gray, given his financial experience on the County Board:
"Legislator Gray is in his fourth term of office. He is serving in his second consecutive term as Chairman of the Finance & Rules Committee (2006-2008).."

Political IV said...

Anon #1

The point was well received with 1 post, it is not necessary to write it 5 times. People are a little faster on the uptake than you may think.

Now to your point. You have reached the wrong conclusion.

Dan Francis said...

IV: That reminded me of this:

"Pa, Pa," said little Johnny running up to his father in the barn. "I just saw sis and her beau in the hay loft. She was a pulling up her dress and he was a pulling down his pants. Pa, they're gonna pee all over the hay!"

"Son, you got your facts right, but reached the wrong conclusion."

— Abe Lincoln story to a jury when he won a tough civil liability case that swung the jury and they ruled in his client's favor when everyone else thought he would lose.

* It's one of my fav Lincoln stories. I love Lincoln (of course, being a native of Illinois, I would)!

[My point: A lot of people misread me politically and otherwise, and therefore, I'm the most misunderstood "politician" around here].

Anonymous said...

Some prize! A non paid position on a board of a college that not only understaffed but underfunded by the County Legislature. If you know anything about Doris you’d know she's a dedicated community leader that not only deserves the position but has a depth of knowledge not only as an administrator but as an educator as well. You're barking up the wrong tree on this one PIV. Doris is a great lady and she’ll serve the college well.

Dan Francis said...


Interesting flap about this issue – allow me to clarify a few points:

1. I doubt I was ever considered for any such “appointment” even though I have three
Community college degrees.

2. I taught a number of years at a community college.

3. I hold lifetime teaching credentials from a community college system (Los Angeles).

4. I was a community college assistant director for student services in Korea for all of Eighth Army and U.S. Forces Korea programs (over 60,000 students at the time).

5. I am also certified to teach grades 7-12, as well as community college that I mentioned, and I hold a limited service credential at the SUNY 4-year level in political science, Russian and Korean languages, and social studies (for grades 7-12).

6. I have those three AA degrees, a BS from Albany, and my M.S. Education from the University of Southern California, and all on the GI bill which should appeal locally with Fort Drum so near by?

7. I was the civilian education officer at Fort Drum, which included being the liaison to the dozen or so surrounding civilian school districts for the military.

8. That is top of my 20 years as an Army civilian education officer (Korea, Fort Drum, and Syracuse), and 20 years of active duty in the Marine Corps?

I’m probably over-qualified, right? Or, too political, maybe?


Anonymous said...

No Danny you just hold your mouth wrong.

Dan Francis said...

A Certain Anonymous said...

"No Danny you just hold your mouth wrong." July 20, 2008 11:23 AM

Sorry, Anon: I don't get it.

If you meant that I'm not close to the ass of party "fathers," then I agree.

I'm a strong party man, but not when it comes to an iron-fisted, follow me at any cost - I-we are right and your view-opinion don't matter much; get in line and stay in line, shut up, then you are correct.

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