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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why Now?

Darrel Aubertine proposed a package of reform legislation that if you support reform in Albany you would support this legislation.


There is a one burning question for the Senator - WHY NOW?

He has been a member of the New York State Legislature for 5 1/2 years and now all of sudden he is discovering the dysfunction. He operated and took advantage of this very system for 5 years as a majority member of the Assembly yet, he did not propose such legislation to fix the problems previous to this point.

This will lead even the more casual observer of politics who want reform to realize this is nothing but political grandstanding with a reform facade attached.

The Republican minority of the Assembly has been pushing many of these same reforms for years, well before Aubertine even became a member of the Assembly majority.

Aubertine ran his first campaigns on the very topic of the typical dysfunction that he is now railing against and decries. His first campaigns against Bob Nortz and then Patty Ritchie flaunting this dysfunction by claiming "being a member of majority, I will be able to get more done for the North Country."

If the MSM had done any homework and looked back, they would have asked Aubertine the same question. Why did you not propose this when you were a Assembly majority member? WHY NOW? Sheldon Silver and the Assembly majority of which he was a member operated in the same very dysfunctional way that he nows claims himself a victim and he let it happen.

His inaction previous to this point is the equivalent of saying, I will work in the system instead of changing it.

You can't clean a pig while it is in the mud pit, as fellow blogger DD would say, this is blatant political HOGWASH.

If Darrel Aubertine supported reform then he should have passed reform while he was in the Assembly majority where he "could get more done for the North Country" and if the Senate failed to pass the reform then he would have some standing on this issue and he could present himself as a reformer, but he chose not to and he did not do a thing to reform Albany, therefore, do not try to tell people now that you want to reform the system.


Anonymous said...

"Reform" is the classic election year screed from Albany politicos, usually used as a way to mask their own ineffectiveness.

Darrel's problem isn't so much the dysfunctional legislature, as much as his inability to stand up and fight for us and fight for what's right.

Has anyone asked the question of how many times Darrel has stood on the floor of the Senate to speak up for us?

Anonymous said...

He's calling for "reform" because he dropped the ball on several important pices of local legislation and wants to blame "politics" for his own failings.

Anonymous said...

You are an angry person. No one even reads your posts anymore because they are so predictable. Your minions go right to commenting without thought or consideration, and wait blindly for another attack on another day. You should be very ashamed at what you are contributing to the discourse of our nation's problems.

Political IV said...

No, I am not an angry person, please do not mistake candid for angry. I just call it as it is, albeit with a conservative view.

I beg forgiveness and for penance I will say an extra Pledge of Alliance along with my Our Father and Hail Mary.

Thanks for reading ;)

Anonymous said...

"I just call it as it is, albeit with a conservative view." sounds like the definition of ideological bias to me!

Anonymous said...

What is amazing, is that Aubertine sat by quietly while Silver abused his power to keep bills from coming to a vote. WHY DIDN'T HE INTRODUCE LEGISLATION?

Aubertine must think we are all idiots.

Jeeze Louise.

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