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Friday, April 17, 2009


If Darrel Aubertine has a sense that he is hearing footsteps behind him, he is correct. He may campaign with the theme he is one of us, but when goes into the phone booth and changes into his suit, he acts like one of them!

After Darrel Aubertine took a politic party first lockstep vote on the worse budget that New York State residents have ever seen, the Republicans are mobilizing their forces. 

Senate Minority leader Dean Skelos penned an op-ed piece in the Watertown Daily Times today and he personally brought the message to Oswego last night charging up the rank and file while slamming the budget.

Dede Scozzafava gave her take on the budget also and she had just as unfavorable take on the final outcome for NY residents as most people.

Other notables attending were Oswego County Assemblyman Will Barclay, St. Lawrence County Clerk Patricia Ritchie, St. Lawrence County Chair Nancy Martin, and Former Senate Candidate David Renzi was there to thank everyone for their effort.


Anonymous said...

The million dollar question: Who is going to run for senate?

Anonymous said...

Well it sure better not be barclay..im still having nightmares from that election

Anonymous said...

Looks like there may a line of people waiting to take on Darrel this time.

Given the chance to serve, he's failed terribly.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Yeah, he rubber stamped Shelly's crap budget. But we don't remember much, and not for very long. If I were Darrell and Addie, I'd just let this blow over, make a few feel good appearances, and win again.

But I don't dislike the man. If he would explain himself, I would listen to his explanation. I do not think he is a crook. I just don't understand the thinking behind this budget.

Addie, I don't know. She should just go back to being a lawyer. She's no representative of a state in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56 do you mean Rubber Stamp Russell??

Anonymous said...

No wonder Darrell didn't go to NYPA---he must have had inside info that the Gand of three planned to raid their funds

Anonymous said...

Darrel had no idea what anyone is doing lest the gang of three.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone have a chance to run third party, or independent? I know it wouldn't give the winner begging rights if they could prevail, but wouldn't that be nice. Some son of a gun who said whatever he wanted to say without clearing it with a criminal first. (or daughter of a gun of course)

This person could have some influence in a state where everyone's vote has to be bought. Ah, maybe I'm nuts.

Dan Francis said...

A third party person; mostly an Independent-minded candidate would be idea for the people and their wants.

Parties are fine and serve a purpose (not a great purpose), but a purpose (i.e., get the candidate they want on the ballot they want). Far too many times, the "right" candidate is picked well in advance of any election...

Even better people are reluctant to challenge their party decisions, and that's the unfortunate downside of parties per se, IMHO ... rub them wrong and suffer for years.

I'm a good example of that around this neck of the woods ...

I don't necessarily lock-step with the "party apparatus," and that stings many in the party - and they refuse or can't accept me for who I am; not what they want me to be.

If one has to use the party system, then sadly, they will have to follow it down in Albany or DC - that too is a huge downside.

~ dmf

Political IV said...

The recent comment about Addie has been rejected. It is out of bounds.

Anonymous said...

I know but it is the rumor going around

Anonymous said...

What rumor? The one about those work boots not really being hers?

Anonymous said...

Rally the troops! Skelos has a proven record of doing that look how long he held the majority in the senate. He really flexed his muscle in November.
Line em up, Aubertine will hammer the next opponent too, despite the major enrollment disadvantage. Hey maybe when Gray gets beat in the county race this fall he will have time to concentrate on getting pounded by Aubertine for the second time.

Anonymous said...

Im hearing Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson and St.Lawrence County Clerk are high on the list

Anonymous said...

St.Lawrence Clerk Pattie Richie

Anonymous said...

Let's run whoever it is who makes the call for "no burning" in St Lawrence County.

When I was growing up. It was kind of like smoking. My dad told me it was dumb. So I didn't smoke. Never got cancer and never had to sue anybody. He told me the same thing about burning stuff when it was dry. He said that it was dumb. Now, we have guys who ban burning in the county, and turn that into a great big Albany jobs. Congrats. And this year, we have someone in St Lawrence County who bans burning, then 2-3 days later, Jefferson County obediently follows suit. That happened again this week. Now we're under another ban, and having rain. So the ban will be lifted in St Lawrence County on Monday or Tues, and in Jefferson County on Wed or Thursday. I say, let the guy who makes this call run for the Senate. It'll give 'em something to do. Me, I just don't burn when it's dry. Dad told me it was dumb. I think this was before there was an Office of Notification of Stupid Folks not to burn themselves.

Thank God for Government.
Guys like my Dad had no chance in life.

SmarterThanThat said...

Political IV said...
The recent comment about Addie has been rejected. It is out of bounds.

April 17, 2009 8:37 PM

Anonymous said...
I know but it is the rumor going around

April 17, 2009 8:52 PM

Karl Rove you are not, Ivy. Nice try, tho.

Anonymous said...

See, I'd love to know what all this is about. I hate it when you guys do this.

In defense of PIV, I don't see where this stuff happens very often. Most of us know we are all buttheads now and then.

Put us in a room and we'd be ok. I think that's true.

Anonymous said...

Addie prego?

Anonymous said...

Unless you all started your own companies, did any of you walk onto the job the first day and tell the senior people what's what? I didn't think so...why don't a few of you pile into dmf's limo and visit your representatives at the LOB and see what really happens? Did you attend on Lobby Day this year? why not? I lobbied 3 straight years for the Living Wage. You can't make a difference when you sit in your yards barking at cars like arthritic dogs. Get up and do something about it.
Here's a link to NYPIRG campaign money-
what did JeffCo contribute in
2008, $3 grand?

Nut Case ( somebody here said I'm a nut case. )

Anonymous said...

There's only one Nut Case around here, and you ain't it.

You got somebody confused with somebody else.

Anonymous said...

6:57 Danny

Run for Aubertine's seat third party. I'd love to see it. Imagine the pissed off folks mired in both parties.

How much money would it take? How could you raise it? Any chance of any big pocket doners?

Would we have to have to registered independent to vote for you? I don't know how this would work. But it would be a great thing to see. YOu just might blow 'em out of the water.

Stick to your guns on outside money. Vote your concience. Nobody has seen any of that before.

Do it, Dan. You have time to get your thoughts together.

Anonymous said...

And like puke through a straw our burn ban ends today, just as predicted.

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