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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here Comes Tommy

Tom Golisano, who keeps his grubby paws in state government by throwing his money around, is back! Remember he was throwing money around to unseat Republicans and flip the Senate to the Democrats and now that it has occurred he is turning his back on them.


Easy to figure out - the state budget and the sweep of the NYPA funds.

Hmmm wonder who else Golisano maybe targeting, he has a number of Democrats to pick from....check your mailboxes!
DiNapoli, Cuomo and now Golisano - who else do Democrats want to take a shot at this budget while they haplessly try to defend it?


Anonymous said...

Darrel voted for this sweep too, as well as the new tax on electric bills. Will we be seeing these mailers in our boxes?

And isn't he still trying to mess with our power rates by trying to send more low-cost hydropower down to LI and other areas outside the North Country?

When these Albany Democrats get their hands in your pockets, they'll grope around until there's nothing left!

NNY Bluedog said...

The flier is a little misleading. Niagara isn't the only revenue generating facility for NYPA. I seem to know of another one in Northern New York. I guess that's why were a little upset by the move, too.

Anonymous said...

Werent these frozen funds that could not have been used for anything else? Why not use them to plug a budget gap then. Also, didnt NYPA state that the sweeping of these funds absolutely in no way would affect their rates? I would never trust anything Golisano, Pigeon or any of his other cronies, I dont trust Hoyt, but I trust Golisano less.

Dan Francis said...

"Billion-aires" and their billions = air time.

Pretty simple math.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

The NYPA money was supposedly a set-aside for expenses relating to future disposal of spent fuel rods-at least that's how it was explained to me by a senator. An AP article from 3/23 says that the swept $$ couldn't legally be used for rate reductions, according to the NYPA.The NYPA rate increase and bonus announcement was released after the sweep was voted on and approved by NYPA board and the legislature. We allow these public authorities to be created, and they are not answerable to the citizens or to the state gov't. The real damage was done when the PSC wanted deregulation of electricity back in the 60s. And as far as why the power is sent downstate, you have to find out how the NYISO operates.

Tony F

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony....thats information PIV would never bother to find out for himself...instead he just writes the story he wants to write minus the facts.

Anonymous said...

Here's some facts -- yes, NYPA CLAIMED the law required the funds be used for spent nuclear rods.

But if it's OK to "sweep" them for general budget relief (which required a new law), why couldn't the law have been changed to allow thenm to be used for ratepayer relief?

Darrel and the Democrats' argument doesn't hold water.

Anonymous said...

I have emailed Christine Pritchard with the question, and I will post her reply. She's the spokesperson for NYPA who told the legislature that the funds couldn't be used for rate reduction.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Somone who likes to find out the facts before they publish!! We love and miss you Ted!

Anonymous said...

I'm not Ted! he's small t small f. I'm Tony Facade. Big T big F. But he and I are friends, although I never ever ask him what he thinks when I do this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ya know Bluedog, I wanna give you a chance. I just don't understand what you are trying to say. Please be a little more complete in your thoughts.

Everybody assumes everyone else understands their sarcasm.

And 2:58, same thing. I have no idea what you are trying to say.

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