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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Senator Aubertine In Action

Senator Aubertine happily claimed on the Senate floor yesterday that he received Senator Cathy Young's and the Senate GOP's agriculture priorities and that most of the programs in their request were restore. He cited his restoration of these programs as a reason why he was voting against the GOP amendment that would have restored the cuts and created a new $30 million dairy farmer emergency relief program.

The following text appears with the YouTube video.

After claiming that he's restored funding cuts for farmers in New York's new state budget, North Country State Sen. Darrel Aubertine is forced to admit that's not the case.

Aubertine was grilled by the top Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee, Sen. Cathy Young of Olean.

Farms suffered a $30 million cut in the bloated, $132 billion budget, which used federal stimulus funds to restore hundreds of other programs, raised taxes by a record amount and increased taxpayer-funded spending a whopping 10%.

Aubertine voted against a Republican amendment to restore all the agriculture funding cuts and create an emergency aid program for struggling dairy farmers.


Dan Francis said...

This kinda ties in with IV's theme about government (both sides, quite frankly)?

Government Help or What?

In the eye of the beholder, I guess?

Political IV said...

Not quite sure what you are trying to say Dan.

But let me explain myself.

If Senator Aubertine is going to promote one thing and yet do the opposite, i.e. mislead people, he will be called out.

I do support restorations that have a return on investment and will benefit the state economy or jobs. I did not specifically state I support these because frankly I do not know the benefit these particular programs provide to the state.

More so, I favor controlled spending growth which frankly this budget misses the mark by miles.

A politician can promote him/herself in a couple of ways. Their fiscal management, balance of needs and taxes OR simply the money they bring home or spend on programs, like Obama is doing. I prefer a politician who does the former versus the latter.

You cannot promote yourself as a fiscal manager with this budget, therefore the only other option is what they spend, but Aubertine also missed the marked on that because of partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

Farmers, doctors, nurses, educators, rich, poor, not for profits, lawyers, police officers, republicans, democrats, hunters, unions and working families are all bitching about this budget...shouldnt that tell us they did something right? Everyone says they are fine with shared sacrifices until its them who have to sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe there is a single person who believes that darrel aubertine should represent us in albany. How could anyone with a brain in their head think he is qualified to administrate the most important seat in our area? He is qualified to run a small family farm. When we were ready to elect a demo to that seat why was he the choice? he is a baffoon.

Anonymous said...


This budget is a disaster and if you think because everyone is bitching and that is your definition of shared sacrifice, then you are warped. This budget spends too much, raises too much in taxes to support that spending and uses the stimulus money for recurring cost items.

Hoowhiley said...

Darrel Aubertine can never again say he's fighting for farmers.

Instead, he's working for Shelly Silver and the NYC Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this should be titled:

"Senator Aubertine inaction."

Dan Francis said...

IV: Not issue with you - none at all; my point was simple and I thought as I said that maybe it fit in with your theme...

My point was my summary sentence:

"Now, we have to sit and wait and hope that the historical change we are witnessing is the right formula or mix for positive change that we all want!"

Anonymous said...

The Post might better be titled.

Aubertine responds to youtube on Political IV.

Its funny how quick Aubertines staff pushed out a press release after seeing his dismal performance on youtube.

In the press release Aubertine claims the following "Sen. Aubertine worked with his colleagues to add more than $6 million to the executive budget proposal from December—a 43 percent increase compared to the executive budget. ",.....But this is what the Watertown Daily Time's Jude Seymour wrote today.....

"The spending plan includes $21.034 million for agricultural programs, but that's a 25 percent decrease from last fiscal year's funding level."

WE have a proposed state budget with 8 BILLION more in spending and Aubertine could not even leverage the same level of spending in 2009 for Agriculture. That is pathetic.

So much for being in the majority.

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that people need to really understand that this is a "snipet" of the discussion that was help and maybe ask where they money was placed. Everyone is concerned about these large amounts of money being restored for apple growers and onion research??? What about health care and education --- scale of importance?????????????????? Let's get the whole story - maybe Senator Aubertine fought for these programs but the poster refrained from showing this part of the video!!!!!!! Don't believe everything you see and hear - use your heads!

Anonymous said...

You people are so stupid why dont you do a little research before you take IVs post as gospel? Aubertine was the only one searching for a place to get the funds for ag assistance. Kathy Young grandstands and lies about a slush fund that cant even be accessed nor has any money in it. The worst part is people like Kathy Young, Dean Skelos and IV dont care about New Yorkers or upstate or what is right. All they care about is destroying the opposition, who at this point is Aubertine the number 1 marginal. They spew their venom and create lies. It is sad and it is the reason we are in the position we are in as a state.
You people need to do a little research on your own instead reading only IVs garbage.

Dan Francis said...

I watched the Youtube grilling by Sen. Young (R-Olean) of Sen. Darrel a couple of times...

I guess Darrel only represents DEM farmers?

That explains a lot, doesn't it? Good for Sen. Young.

WhyDanLee said...

7:21 -- Just scoured Aubertine's website and couldn't find those releases about health care and education.

Maybe it's because Aubertine brings home LESS school aid than we need (or are promised), and when he "saves" health care jobs, they sure don't stay saved too long, huh? (e.g. Lee Memorial)

And 8:27, talk about "spewing." Wow. Take a Midol, will ya?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:27 and any/all others:

Maybe some of us (from both sides of the aisle) only took the Youtube and Q and A to Darrel from Young, but in the absence of Darrel coming forth to us and rebutting the youtube piece, then we are free to judge any damn way we please... if necessary, we can apologize later and so can he if needed.

But one thing is for certain: "No one can hide from Youtube, and that's the way it should be in the "semi-closed government" in Albany.

We shall see.

~ finis

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:27. No one cares about Upstate except him!

Anonymous said...

If you are a farmer struggling then call the big bad wolf Sen. and ask him point blank what his plan is to help the Ag. Industry:

Sen. Aubertine office:

Albany Office
903 Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York 12247

Dan Francis said...

Sen. Darrel "in his own words," what say you GOPers now?

Sen. Aubertine on the Budget Turmoil

I think he worked for us on the Ag issue ... and his proff is in his words on the Senate floor - what now? (Note: it is always nice to see an advisor/coach at close hand to give tips while the Sen. speaks --) - that's a nice touch?

P U N T ...

Dan Francis said...

My last point on this Ag/Budget brouhaha: Sen. Darrel said he put it back, the GOP says no.

I assume he did and it's in the budget, but, and the most important but:

The damn budget is not approved, not signed into law and therefore a moot point still.

Let's wait and see the result.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that people are finally seeing that Darrel is way out of his league.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that people are finally seeing that Darrel is way out of his league.

Al said...

Aubertine needs to explain his actions. Maybe he has a legitimate explanation; maybe not. What he doesn't have is an understanding of public relations.

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