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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Senator For Only Certain People

Senator Gillibrand made her inaugural trip to the North Country on Monday, but apparently she is only Senator for certain constituencies.

She made her obligatory trip to the editorial board of the Watertown Daily Times and visited Fort Drum, but then it was pick and choose who she would see from there, instead of having a gathering for the general populace.

She met with selected political types which included local labor leaders. 

She would have been well served to meet the people in a general gathering, maybe she could have demonstrator that she is concerned about the people she expects to vote for her in the next election.

But first things first, she needs to win the likely primary, so she is only concerned about the party faithful like local labor leaders, who she thinks will control the vote and have them as her surrogates.

If she can't meet the average resident of the North Country then people should question whether or not they are prepared to cast a vote for her.

This Ivy League college grad, according to this photo, is possibly capable of associating herself with us flannel shirt types but not in the North Country yet.


Dan Francis said...

Gillibrand fits the mold of most others in congress: out of touch, aloof and focused in on staying in office no matter what it takes or what it costs, or what has to be said or promised along the way to that end.

But, now that we've mentioned it, her PR team - ever at the ready -
will crank into high gear and get her mixing with the common folk ... to prove us wrong!

Anonymous said...

she must have taken her cue from the previous two presidential terms.

Anonymous said...

3:23 that was so smart. Brilliant. What that has to do with anything I have no idea. But great stuff.

woodchucksage said...

Hey, she's simply following the pattern set by her predecessor, Hillary Clinton.

You know her. She's the one that stupid voters all over upstate (even the majorities in Jefferson and St. Lawrence County) voted for because "at least she comes up here." But of course she only met with a hand-picked select few every time she visited.

She never rubbed shoulders with the unwashed masses who blindly pulled her lever after she promised 200,000 new jobs.

It's high time we force voters to take an IQ test before we let them in the booth!!!!

Dan Francis said...

A Rep. in Congress, or two Senators in the U.S. Senate, or one Assemblyperson and State Senator, it should not matter not who they are per se (but let's face it, personality counts to most voters: I like him/her, they got my vote, etc.)... but the bottom line is how they act or react in office...

Ours are NOT hacking it these days... that is clear:

1. Vote for terrible budgets that tax and spend too much...

2. Vote against common sense approaches to problem solving...

3. Send tons of stuff back home when less is needed...

4. Send less back home when more is needed...

5. Scratch a lot of backs for favors (more favors for the other side than the people back home)...

6. Let their party "leaders" steamroll or just plain "roll" them on bills... etc.

And, then they come home and have the unmitigated gall to say they have more to do in office, so, "Please vote and send me back."

When leadership should prevail, and when standing up for those you represent means the most against the "leaders" who mean nothing except their own narrow interests, our representatives seem to always
bend over and and bow and take it in the shorts ... and act like they doing us a favor just by being in office.

I say enough is enough - clean house and start fresh...

Leadership means getting out front and leading and fighting hard.

Our several Reps. in Albany and DC are simply not cutting it, IMHO.

~ dmf

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