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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is This A First?

The race for the 20th Congressional seat in New York is tied, and that does not mean give or take 20 votes either way.

TIED, EVEN, ZERO Votes separate the candidates.


Dan Francis said...

Military/overseas absentee ballots have a deadline of April 13 to arrive in Albany (extended)... then we'll know for sure...

Hang on, this could get rough, right Mr. Franken and Mr. Coleman? (MN race)?

Anonymous said...

As long as they count the votes, no complaints here. In Minnesota, Franken succeeded in throwing out a lot of votes. Something that I thought the donkeys didn't like to do.

With military absentees, I'd say Tedisco has an advantage. But what's the difference? We're just gonna spend away anyway.

Obama man forever. Borrow and BS.

Anonymous said...

If Tedisco lived in the very district he longs to represent, he'd be up by 1

Anonymous said...

Given the fact that the district in question has many many more registered Repub voters, I would say this is a clear indication of support for President Obama, our Savior. He will lead us from the desert and into the promised land.

It made me feel so proud to have him representing us in Europe over the last number of days. At last, they're able to see the real America, not the spoiled brats we were portrayed as during the Bush administration. What a breath of fresh air. Thank God for Barack Obama.

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