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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, April 27, 2009


An embarrassing loss in the 20th Congressional race, there is no other way to look at it. Many can say - could of, should of, would of - but the fact remains there is much work to be done before the Republicans regain their footing in New York State.

This was a high stakes campaign for many reasons, but more so for Tedisco, who was an out of district candidate and was the Assembly minority leader.

This is a good look at the race done by the Times Union - read here.

Here is one point for sure -

"I hope that this disappointment will cause the Republican Party leaders to change how we select our candidates and how we run our campaigns," said Dan Gale, a member of the Saratoga County GOP executive committee and chairman of the Northumberland town party.
Share your thoughts of the race and the aftermath! 


Anonymous said...

I believe the election results are proof of the support and approval for the current adminstration. God Bless Obama.

Anonymous said...

This loss shows that Republicans are ineffectual, retarded morons, thieves, plagiarists, and stupid farmers who do not have an original thought, not to mention that they are closet wack jobs who should not be allowed to run anything. And, it is just plain disgraceful and the voters should not allow it.

Did I miss anything, PIV?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 7:58... now tell us how you really feel.

Look, in all honesty, we need the two main parties and I'd argue a strong third party, too.

A viable third party to at least keep the two main parties in line ... right now, the two main parties need to get their acts together.

1. The GOP: stop recycling the same old same old names and faces (via FOX and Talk Radio) ... they are doing more harm than any good in my view.

2. The DEMS: listen to more people, including those in your own party and stop acting like stuffy GOPers.

3. Both GOP and DEMS: Get your collective heads out of your collective asses and fulfill your obligation to the public not to the powerbases...

Sadly, both main parties play the same game: Name, fame and fortune candidates.

Many on the outside bitch and moan but in the end, pull the lever for the party ... those who do have a strong voice and speak out? Mostly out of line with their party and one one is listening anyway to them ...

So, a strong national, viable and people-run [not millionaire or billionaire-run third party] would go a long way to keeping all parties in touch with the public and reality and not the crap we now see.

But, don't hold your breath. Blue faces don't fit most of us.

At least IMHO.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

That (7:58) was a bit much, but you have some good points nestled in there.

As seen in the local Repub party, too often choices (for both political office and paid government appointments) are made much less on the quality of the person's credentials, and much more on the "who's my buddy, or my buddy's buddy".

Too many top performers with great service credentials have been bypassed for party hacks or howdy doodies (big grin, but empty wooden heads) Then they all sit in amazement as the party is defeated, or big blunder$ are made.

Anonymous said...

First of all, select someone who lives in the district. I know its just a line on a map....but it does matter to some of us....
Second, in a year of change, pass on the career pol who whose turn it is....
Remember Bob Dole and John McCain......it was their turn to be the nominee....
As for the God Bless Obama.....He can bless himself...he is after all the Messiah

Anonymous said...

I musta missed something last election- wasn't Nader running for office? Wasn't he on a third party line? According to the NYS Bd of Elections, there were ten party lines for pres/VP. There were 5 party lines for 48th senate dist. There are good arguments against 3 major parties; the main one being that a majority of votes represents a minority of voters
(34% at the worst). Nader has been blamed for draining votes from Gore by running a third-party campaign. Is that wahat the alternative is? I hope not. Buckley v. Valeo 1976 reinforced the idea that money = free speech, so lobbyists will deep pockets will have a lot of say. The media have a lot to do with who wins. Free markets don't work, and we don't have any anyway except maybe illicit drugs. What's everyone unhappy about? If you still have your Ford stock you (should have)bought in November, you oughta be smiling now. And I argue that the public is far too fickle to rely on long-term; that is why corporations get the attention. They are more reliable economically. Why isn't anyone here worried about the torture revelations?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 5:24 -- The Nader argument you raise is bogus and as weak just like the Perot, Bloomberg, Galisano, or any other rich guy trying to buy and own a Third "party."

I said a people's third party ... grassroots up ... different from the GOP and DEMS - owned by anyone looking for an easy way to gain ballot access.

Former Rep. John Anderson (R-IL) Good Example of Third Party Candidate

Anonymous said...

That Anderson guy flipped more often than John "Flipper" Kerry. So what made him 3rd party material? And either New Hampshire's or Florida's Nader votes would have presumably given Gore the presidency. If you are convinced that a third party is what is needed, by all means get out there and spread the word. There are lots of obstacles for third parties, or we'd have one by now (not counting the 26 national ones mentioned by Wikipedia). Knock yourself out. Or run for office yourself.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 7:06... you continue to miss the point and I can't spend much more time trying to educate or enlighten you... I have to move on - so should you.

Anonymous said...

What we need is a real hard core social conservative party, for traditional marriage, no abortions, and re-education camps for perverts. Palin could lead the ticket and save America from it self.

Anonymous said...

We have that party in NYS now. It is the conservative party. Hopefully they will not rubber stamp republicans for office and run some of their own candidates. I think they proved it can work when they ran Herb London for governor and almost took the republicans off line B

Anonymous said...

when I want to be "enlightened," it won't be you I seek

Dan Francis said...

Anon 11:01... that time is near, pal... duck! What duck?


Function: adjective

Date: 1652

1 : freed from ignorance and misinformation

2 : based on full comprehension of the problems involved

Not an insult, just the way I see it with folks who hide behind Anonymous labels ...

Anonymous said...

Veteran Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania intends to switch to the Democratic party after over 40 years with the GOP.

Even more embarrassing.

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