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Saturday, April 4, 2009


DMF referred to this article on the Aubertine pay raises and made a reference of arrogance. He is dead on!

PIV covered the topic of the Aubertine pay raises back on March 18th - here.

The Fulton Valley News reported on it - here.

It is amazing that an elected official can be so tone deaf - first pay raises, than the political party before people budget that was just passed. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Darrel's staff helped him save Fulton hospital so those raises are well deserved.

Anonymous said...

I have said absolutely nothing about Aubertine in the months I've been around here. Since I have read and posted on PIV, I've not said one negative word about him. I've tried to give him a chance to do the job. Personally, I've never had anything against him. I was troubled by the family hiring stuff but even that didn't bother me too much. I was willing to give the man a fair chance.

Now things seem clear. I believe Darrell is the nicest of folks. I don't believe he's a crook in any way. But he has shown himself to be ineffective against Silver. Spending on the level of this budget is the last thing we should have done. Most all of us agreed that this year had to be different. We had to make a change. Darrell and his party ran on this platform. The Gov spoke of the need for change and even Silver, one of the most dishonest and damaging politicians I have ever seen, spoke differently of how we needed to proceed. Silver and company have lied. They showed no inclination to either tell the truth about the future or do their jobs, which is to protect the future of our kids. Three men in a room became one thug in a room. Darrell cannot deal with him. Unfortunately, as one poster previously claimed, we would be just as effectively represented by an empty chair.

I gave things an honest chance. Darrell failed miserably. The best thing he can do at this point is to apologize to the people he represents. It is not solely his fault, but it is his responsibility.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:58: Nicely stated. I believe many folks feel the same way.

I would add simply this:

Just because a person is in office or any other place, and in a "leadership position," does not necessarily make that person a "leader."

It's like porn: "I know it when we see it!" — Justice Potter Stewart (years ago).

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