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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Excellent Point

This commenter made an excellent point that is worth bringing forward.

"I have a problem with Darrel plagiarizing. The problem is Darrel wined (sic) about the same thing during his last campaign. He made the statement at a debate that his name was taking off the bill and gave the impression he was being abused by the majority republicans. Double standards and hypocritical of Darrel to do the same thing he complained about.


Anonymous said...

Keep at him, PIV.

Darrel's refusal to address this issue--and many like it--is ample cause for voters to rethink their support.

Today's WDT is a great example: Darrel has the time to comment on the possible reopening of a cheese plant in Ogdensburg (he concedes had nothing to do with) and his wife's pastries for a Childrens Clinic fundraiser.

But he's "unavailable" to explain the screwing that General Brown schools got in the state budget he supported.

"Mr. Aubertine and Ms. Russell could not be reached for comment Tuesday because they were in session," reports the Times.

Come on! The Senate met for all of 20 minutes. Can't Darrel return a call on something that directly impacts taxpayers he represents?

Anonymous said...

Great catch, 8:51.

That's the price we'll continue to pay thanks to the Times decision to close their Albany bureau.

It's no longer as simple as a reporter corraling Darrel in the chamber and forcing him to respond.

That's how he's able to avoid responding to questions about the pork-laden budget, high taxes and his stance on gay marriage.

Now, out of town means out of view of the public, the press and the voters.

So much for accountability.

(Not that it matters much for Addie. She doesn't have much to say, and she's pretty much inconsequential in the 109-Dem state Assembly.)

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