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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Darrel and The "Yahoos" - The Sequel

Darrel's public service compass is pointing him in the wrong direction once again. He continues his service in the Democratic Senate Majority as:

Politics before people!

Again we visit the disconnect between Senator Aubertine, ATVs and Darrel's famed bunch of "yahoos."

During last year's election, an internal memo was mistakenly released that revealed Senator Aubertine's discontent for ATV riders and referred to his position as "no fan of ATVs."

The memo, which was written by DEC Regional Director Judy Drabicki, spouse of Aubertine Chief of Staff Lee Willbanks, set off a near riot among outdoor sport enthusiasts, who have a passion for the outdoors and their toys, as it referenced his posture toward this constituency as "yahoos."
Yesterday, again he stood with his downstate Democrats over this group of outdoor enthusiasts and Aubertine helped defeat a measure that would have legitimized UTVs. Background on the UTV controversy here

Senator Joe Griffo understands the economic importance of ATV/UTV use to the North Country economy. He introduced S2927 that would make UTVs legal and would have among other things reversed the loss of income from registrations being sent to neighboring states like Pennsylvania, where they are allowed.

But, Griffo's bill never made it to the floor for a vote because a deciding vote cast by Aubertine kept the bill grounded in a committee.

The "motion to discharge" as it is referred to, is a procedural method that allows a bill out of committee to the floor for a vote was defeated along party lines. 

Therefore, the conclusion is again Aubertine's action speaks louder than his rhetoric on ATVs, he is not a fan for sure.

The excuse cannot be that this is a one house bill either, as for sure there would be a sponsor in the Assembly for the same measure. Unless Addie or Dede possesses the same disconnect.

The UTV is not likely to see the light of day for a while, unfortunately, but politics comes before people again in the reformed New York State Senate. 


Anonymous said...


TITLE....Relates to the definition of all terrain vehicle or "ATV"; increases the dry weight of such vehicle from 1000 pounds to 1500 pounds.


Do you ever do research before you spout your ignorant partisan mouth?

Why don't you stop attacking Darrel and talk to some of us ATV riders and sportsmen lobbyists who have written and called his office and talked with him?

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. Aubertine's been hostile to ATVers even from his daze in the Assembly.

That picture is worth a thousand words -- he looks like he's suffering through to get our votes, not really enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Darrel just double Lee Willbanks' pay, along with double-digit raises for the rest of his staff?

This is the kind of staff work her gets for our money -- stealing other Senator's bills, then passing them off as his own?

Can't this guy come up with even a single original idea that benefits our community?

Anonymous said...

I'm an ATVer AND a sportsmen, and Darrel doesn't even return my calls.

Political IV said...

I have done my research and reviewed both bills, with the exception of the effective date of "immediate" on Griffo's bill and "30 days" on Aubertine's bill they are word for word the same. See lines 14 & 15 of the bills. And the bill's "Introducer's memorandum in support" are word for word.

Aubertine is playing politics that he claimed to be a victim of and said he would correct.

Sorry 12:58 pm but you need to do your research.

Mitch from Carthage said...

So much for "bipartisanship."

Anonymous said...

he would return your calls if you were from acciona wind co .wake up people he is a SELL OUT!!!!!

Gail Eileen said...

Copied another bill huh? Got caught on another one last month.


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