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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Want a STAR Rebate Check

Visit here and sign the petition to restore your STAR rebate check.

I Want My STAR Rebate Check

Sen. Joseph Robach, R-Greece, Monroe County: “”At a time when families and seniors are making sacrifices to make ends meet, the last thing we should be doing is cutting a source of relief for these citizens. Taking these checks away is yet another example of how the issues pertinent to Upstate New York are being ignored by the state’s downstate leadership.”

And this has bi-partisan support - ALL the Senate Republicans and Democrat Senator Jeff Klein.


R U Wilee said...

Darrel said he wanted to get rid of the STAR rebates and he was true to his word.

And Addie Russell made eliminating our tax relief one of her very first votes in the Assembly.

Let's all remember that when the property tax bills come in the mailbox this fall -- and the STAR rebate checks don't.

Thanks, Sen. Aubertine and Assemblywoman Russell.

Anonymous said...

Don't you consider it trite to complain about taxes and gov't spending whilst you have your hand out looking for a rebate?

People knew the positions that their representatives were taking and yet, they still elected them. Now you act surprised? Am I missing something?

Paddock Drew said...

Right on 11:03.

We told you we'd take it away and we did.

And they say you can't trust politicians!

Anonymous said...

11:03- it's a different matter when Dems cut off the rebates, as you have seen. But if you're old enough you get a $250 check from SSS. Who ran against Darrel again, was it that guy whose law firm gets millions in EZ money?

Anonymous said...

You are right BOTH of them were very up front about how they were going to vote.

They also said they would only do that is there was a tax cap in place. So where is they any talk of the tax cap tat was going to be so much better then the Star rebate check???????

Dan Francis said...

STAR rebates - gone?

Info on STAR program at NYS Real Property ServicesOr did I miss something that changed the law?

Anonymous said...

Good question, Dan.

Does the answer have anything to do the fact the website is dated? Last modified Nov 08?

Anonymous said...

Did you really think any politician is going let their money keep going back to you. Or was it your money to start? Remember, local, state, and federal politicians think the money we give them belongs to them, as we are not capable of making decisions on our own. Some day, when all our money is gone to Washington and they have blew it all away, we will decide to take our country back. Hopefully it will not be to late.

Political IV said...


The STAR exemption exist, but the STAR rebate was eliminated as part of the budget bills.

Dan Francis said...

IV: Thanks for that update ... I must'a been asleep at the switch on that one aspect ... link please ... thanks in advance.

Dan Francis said...

I found the link, and this extract:

Still, elimination of the popular STAR rebate checks is sure to anger hard-pressed homeowners.

The checks sent $1.4 billion back to taxpayers statewide - $370 million to Nassau and Suffolk residents - helping offset ever higher school levies.

The basic STAR and enhanced STAR exemptions - which reduce tax bills - are unaffected.Which is still a tax break, right?

Story from Newsday STAR Link

AaaarrrrrWiley said...

Wanna know EXACTLY how much you lost from Darrel's budget vote to eliminate STAR rebates?

Click here to use the interactive chart:


(In fact, these values are a little dated, and light. The rebate amounts were supposed to increase in 2009. But Darrel took care of that!)

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition. It sucks that we lost our rebates. It's also wrong that Aubertine won't tell us the truth.

Dan Francis said...

Any size of ANY tax rebate is important - it shows "good faith, if that's possible" on the part of government ... If government cannot help/ please/ assist/ serve those who put them in office, then may I suggest they get the f**k out!!!

Sorry, so harsh ... but it get my little remaining hair on edge.

Dan Francis said...

Maybe my last word on this topic right now:

Government can reduce our tax burden, return money whenever and as much as possible / rebates, w/o keeping it and spending it wildly ...

Most average people know when money is being wasted in Albnay or DC; sadly, they seem to forget at election time.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Read that story on today's Newzjunky about teachers retiring with a half salary bonus IN ADDITION to retirement benefits. Right here in NY State. They made an 80k salary, they get a 40k bonus.

Now shut the hell up about STAR rebate checks. YOU PEOPLE decided to spend this money. YOU PEOPLE decided this was smart policy. Now don't start bitching when the state has to find a way to pay for this crap. It's FOR THE CHILDREN.

Please du..as.s, just shut the hell up. The time for thinking and talking has long since passed. Just pay the bill and go to work. This is not Aubertine's or Russell's fault. It is YOUR fault. When the teacher's union lied and fed you crap, you bent over and swallowed.

BOTH parties make me sick. But this is OUR fault.

Stupid voters.

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