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Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Must Be A Left Thing

The Tea Parties held yesterday were a huge success everywhere, but the left just continues to make light of people's concerns over taxes. The following item was referenced by a couple of posters here yesterday. They must be watching too much of Keith Olbermann.

A reprint from Redstate.

The Left And ‘Teabagging’

On his tax day episode of Breakdown, Keith Olbermann indulged himself some fun making of the many hundreds of thousands of Americans that gathered together to protest the Obama administration’s abuse of our tax dollars. Like his compatriot of the extreme left and fellow MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, the fun making centered not on the actual reason the protests were called but on the words “tea bag.”

Naturally, it isn’t just Maddow and Olbermann that are tittering over tea bags — after all, these two aren’t innovators, but parrots. Maddow and Olbermann are merely reflecting the foolishness of their string pullers on the left. The entire far left from the DailyKos to the profane folks at Wonkette or DemmocraticUnderground are falling all over themselves over the words “tea bag.”

So what is the deal? Why are these fools twittering and guffawing over the simple words “tea” and “bag”? You see, it’s all a reference to some immoral, immature and perverted sex act. I won’t bother to go into the perversion at which the left is laughing because, well, it is utterly meaningless as legitimate political discussion. But, the whole joke the left is sniggering at is a revealing episode to explain the difference between the anti-American left and the rest of America.

As it happens, when talking to an engaged, informed, and patriotic American, when a tea party is discussed the images of Boston Harbor, taxes and American history immediately come to mind. A true American automatically thinks of the American Revolution, the birth of our nation and that proud tradition of self-reliance and rugged individualism infused into our country by its founders. The words invoke the entire panoply of America in the minds of real Americans everywhere.

Then we come to the left. Apparently, the first thing that comes to their “minds” is some arcane, disgusting sexual perversion and not American history and tradition.

And therein lies a major difference between the left and the right in America today. You see, on the right, America, its history and traditions are always at the forefront of the mind. A deep interest in the health and customs of this country are paramount. And to the left, no thought of America can be found. But sexual perversions are aplenty.

And there you have it. It’s quite a telling difference. But it is a difference as real as any.

So, Keith old pal, I’d nominate you are “worst person in the world” today, but you don’t qualify in at least one of those categories.

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Anonymous said...

Come on, you've never met a Republican who has engaged in this act known as "tea bagging"..........As for Rachel Maddow, clearly she does not....Olbermann, he certanly does at least metaphorically everytime he opens his mouth to talk about the new President.

Dan Francis said...

"Sniggering about?"

- I think "snicker about" is more apropos?

My bottom line: This whole thing is much to do about nothing.

Over time, it will be long gone and forgotten, unless of course rabid voices want it otherwise (from both sides), IMHO.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

which services do the teabaggers want cut? and txation w/o representation is a joke- the Reps were in there for years.....there is plenty of representation, just not the kind these people want. I saw some millionaire's faces in the local photos....

dmf corrects us again! Hey dmf, "fuze" is spelled "fuse"

Anonymous said...

I was not aware olbermann still had a talk show.Guess America still has the need to watch a cross eyed idiot make a fool of himself. Don't be so sure this will amount to nothing. It was a grassroots spark just like this that triggered the 1st revolution. You can only push people so far and hopefully we are there. It's time these lying SOBs we keep electing were held responsible for what they do to our country and people. It is really a waste of time to keep holding elections when the ones coming in are worse than the ones going out.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 11:04: picky, picky. To wit, FYI:

* In an explosive, pyrotechnic device or military munition, a fuse (or fuze) is the part of the device that initiates function.

* In common usage, the word fuse is used indiscriminately.

However, when being specific, the term fuse describes a simple pyrotechnic initiating device ...

~ glad to have helped... scurry on.

— dmf

hermit thrush said...

how exactly did the tea parties constitute a "huge success"? anti-war rallies before the invasion of iraq were better attended by a couple orders of magnitude, and we can all see how much effect they had.

i'm afraid the article from redstate, and by extension piv, rather misses the point of the "teabagging" talk coming from the left: simple mockery.

Anonymous said...

It's early, kerm.

And unlike the "I hate war" gatherings, these particular things are frowned upon by that balanced media you're so proud of. The nerve of these people, saying enough of you people.

There was a 4 year old at the Watertown gathering with a sign, "I'm 4, and I'm $36,000 in debt."

Kinda funny. Low estimate, I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

I have not yet seen a projection of what our economy and nation would look like if no bailout money, including TARP money, had been put in play. Where were these tea parties when Paulson and co were trucking $$ to their compadres at B Sterns, backing JPM etc? Is it because Bush was pres? Where was the outrage when the housing market collapsed? Let's suppose GM NA (north america) shuts down- how many new unemployed, 140,000? Who does GM pay first; creditors, managers, retirees?
The banks would have no commercial $$ to lend- most buusinesses borrow to cover short-term expenses, so who would pay for inventory and payroll until accts receivable are collected (some of it from just-laid-off GM workers)? Consumer debt in 2008 was around $2,500,000,000,000, or $8300 per person if the US population is 300,000,000. Capitalism requires consumers, and consumers require $$ to spend, now that banks are what they are. So if taxes are lowered, which I am not against, which gov't services should be cut? If bailout money is withheld, what's the scenario? Schools closed? You want those kids home all day?

Anonymous said...

I've answered this question 6 times already. Not inclined to do it again.

I guess you feel the smart thing to do when you're broke is to borrow more money.

Like I've said, I don't have any kids around, I don't mind screwing yours.

Anonymous said...

Sign carried by a 4 year old at the Watertown Tea Party....

"I'm four years old and $36k in debt"

5:33 School spending has risen at twice the rate of inflation for the past two decades. Get your hear out of your butt.

Anonymous said...


I don't have kids in school either, except for one in HS, but I pay school taxes on more than 1 property. I would have a dress code, no cell phones, no hats, no t-shirts with nastiness on them and no tenure. Pay based on performance, with tenure only for very special circumstances. I would allow teaching of creationism in all its versions, but not in science class. Seniors would not be allowed to take half a year off. If students have 2 or more study periods a day, they would tutor. Strip searches and other invasive measures wouldn't be done unless the student's parent or adult guardian was present. students wouldn't leave school property during the day to hang out on Wash. St. Troublemakers would be expelled. Is the school issue the biggest one we have to deal with?

Anonymous said...

12:46 good reply. I don't know if the school budget is the biggest issue, or the overall budgets of government. I guess what hacks me the most is the dishonesty spewed by school lovers, constantly reminding us of the pressures and cuts and needs and time constraints and everything else that they must deal with. That, and the implication that if you don't wish to give them what they want, you don't love children.

Education spending has risen at rates far above inflation, and salaries have risen far above what they have for other areas in our economy. Contrary to what the teacher union will claim, we HAVE sacrificed to give them more, both in the classroom and in their quality of life. These efforts have brought NY to the brink of bankruptcy, and all we hear from our teachers is how they have sacrificed. BS.

I would just like an honest debate. But media supports them and people are cowed. Right now, I can pretty much say what I want, as all the educators are traveling, again, for yet another break.

Oh, by the way, your list is interesting. You are not going to get the teachers to give back anything on wages or tenure. As far as strip searches, I didn't realize that was a regular part of the school day. Maybe in a criminal situation but I have a hard time believing our little addicts are having their rights violated on a regular basis.

Good day, Sir.

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