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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fellow Democrat DiNapoli Critical Of State Budget

The one party Democrat control of New York cannot even escape criticism from their own party members. Democrat Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli criticizes the budget in a press release shown below.

The Senate Democrats and their operatives can attempt to defend this mess anyway they want, but they were just thrown under the bus by one of their own, which speaks volumes about the reality of this budget.

Also, here is the link to the Democrats' report on the budget. The information on the page numbered 2 is misleading. It's the chart that reporters race to in order to represent the spending growth in the budget. True to form, many reported spending growth at the 8.65% listed here.

But the actual growth in spending has to be measured from the actual spending levels of the prior year -- not from the Governor's pie-in-the-sky proposal.

The true spending growth for this budget is 10.2%, the difference between the $131.8 billion in this enacted plan compared to the $119.6 billion closeout from last fiscal year.

You will also find all the nifty fee and tax increases starting on Page #8

Parts of the DiNapoli's press release have been highlighted.
                          ON 2009-10 STATE BUDGET

New York faced an extraordinary challenge to adopt a 2009-10 State Budget
in the context of a daunting recession. My preliminary review of the budget
indicates it does not adequately respond to today’s economic realities.

The budget is not a long-term solution to New York’s propensity to spend
more than the state can afford. While the budget proposes to close an
unprecedented gap, it does so by an over reliance on non-recurring federal
stimulus funds and new tax revenues projected to materialize at a time of
declining tax receipts.

This is essentially a buy-time budget, based on a hope that the economy
recovers quickly. It’s a very fragile basket to place all the taxpayers’
eggs in. Instead of using the Federal stimulus to restructure the financial
and match projected revenues to long term growth in spending, the
budget uses stimulus funds as a short-term fix.

The danger is that New York could end up right back where we started, with
huge budget gaps and an unsustainable level of spending. I will provide a
more detailed review of the enacted budget shortly.


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Anonymous said...

What do you mean right back where we started? We haven't left where we started. We are worse off than ever before.

Sure glad we got that stimulus package. That allowed us to ignore reality for another year.


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