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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Articles from yesterday's press
This is from The Buffalo News and it is excellent. Adherence to party line puts politics above region. The nuts and bolts of the article is applicable to any Senate Democrat in the state senate who had the abilitiy, but lacked the will to stop this budget. 
"Any Senate Democrat could have upended this train wreck of a budget, so closely is the Senate divided. If only one Democrat had placed the needs of his constituents above his own political needs, Albany might have been able to craft a more responsible spending plan—one that bluntly acknowledges the fact of this recession by restraining spending."

Despite many Senate majority members giving their staffs significant double digit pay raises while passing a budget that has a 10% increase in spending during a recession layoffs are coming for rank and file in many areas.

2021 from Correctional Services
2400 from Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
624 from Department of Transportation
386 from State Police

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DuhBullBreaker said...

Hmm. One Senate Democrat with the courage to stand up to the downstate party bosses and fight for the people he was elected to represent.

Where will we find one of those?

Anonymous said...

every chance you get to fight with the Sheriff about manpower you do, But now that you can bash the Democrats about cutting the State Police you change your mind.

Anonymous said...

Not around here.

In fact around here, not many voters care. So we are getting what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a good thing that this budget happened as it did. Now our old folks can pay 50% more in school taxes, all for the teacher union, excuse me, the children. Now all of us can pay more for everything under the sun. Now all of us can see our Democratic leaders lied during the campaign season. We can all watch another graduation class leave the state, and their future's with them. We can see all this for another year, likely the worst yet.

Maybe, just maybe we can demand change. But I doubt it. You're safe Darrell. You're safe Shelly.

Dan Francis said...

EXTRACT from Sen. Darrel's letter in the WATN DT today here: Aubertine's Entire Letter

My emphasis added to his letter are in paren below - the parts I wanted to emphasize:

"We heard misinformation about how the personal income tax increase known as the "Fair Share Tax" would hurt upstate the most,
yet the truth is we protected upstate services in this budget and the majority of the cost will be paid for by people in Long Island and New York City."

My Comment: So, taxing anyone, Upstate (see below) or in Manhattan or NYC is okay?

I say DO NOT tax anyone at this critical time, period ... we can't afford to tax anyone!

Sen. Darrel continues:

"In the 48th District, just 702 of the more than 106,000 income tax filers from 2008 — 0.7 percent — will be asked to pay more, and just 121 will be in the highest bracket. Yet all of us will benefit from the services we protected and our children will benefit from our fiscal responsibility."

My Comment: Asked to pay more? Seems to me government is about to tell them to "pay" more - when did government ask us to do anything?

Sen. Darrel's punch line: Do it for the children.

Yes, Sen. Darrel, those same children, I presume you mean, who will get all the bills when they start their low-wage jobs in a few years - assuming there are any jobs for them outside of China? Nice future for them to look forward to, I'd say: birth certificate and tab for billion$.

But, that only applies if there are jobs up here in our neck of the woods, I surmise? To hell with jobs in NYC or "downstate."

Hey, we still have a budget cycle coming up next April ... things might improve, if we try hard for the children?

Then on to reelection, then ... well you know how it goes.

Am I cynical? Yes, a bit - why, aren't you [yet]?

— dmf

Anonymous said...

No wonder party line thinkers have so much trouble understanding our man Dan.

I would love to have Dan in Albany, fighting to do what we all know needs to be done. NYS government has to be cut.

One thing for sure is, Darrell won't even try. He defends what Silver has done. I'm disappointed in him. I thought he would do better. I don't expect our representatives, Darrell and Addie, to win all the fights. But I don't expect them to roll over either.

Its like they aren't even there.

Anonymous said...

Wait 6 months, hell, wait a year. Wait forever for all I care. There will NOT be any layoffs. This move is just like the school superintendents who float the idea of cuts to athletics or special ed. It is a lie. It is only done to galvanize the opposition to any cuts. This has done the same. Wait and see. There will be no layoffs. Watch.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I had a Wiley moment, sorry.

The same people telling you there will be layoffs told you there would be a hiring freeze months ago. They lied that time too. But you believed them.

In fact, there has been a hiring freeze for the past decade but it has been a joke. They were "serious" about the one last fall.

As a learned man used to say right here on PIV,,


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