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Monday, April 6, 2009

Lee Memorial Hospital - That Saved Hospital - Take Two

Lee Memorial Hospital files for bankruptcy.

Fulton (WSYR-TV) – Fulton’s Lee Memorial Hospital has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as it continues to wind-down its operations and prepares to close the hospital.

Lee Memorial says the filing will help the facility with its financial and legal obligations, and help ensure an orderly wind-down.

The hospital says the planned closing dates will not be impacted by the filing.

Inpatient services will close no later than April 10, while emergency room and outpatient health services will end on April 26. In a news release, Dennis Casey, Executive Director of Lee Memorial said that “patient care remains our number one priority every day we are here. All available hospital services remain in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and patient safety protocols.”

The hospital said the Chapter 11 filing would not impact employee pay or retiree payments.

The next time a poltician comes knocking and offers help - RUN


Anonymous said...

Darell's got more to worry about then yesterday's news, Oswego Legislator Lee Walker, (slumlord who rented out housing to the NYC Darrrell workers) is in a pickle!
arrested for obstructing justice, removing his son
(Pul-aski cop no less!)from an accident scene (he hit two cars!)and hid him out (while he sobered up??) at the Walker ranch till morning....
Hospital? Thats yesterdays news, we gotta help Lee! Right Darrell? He's like us too!

Anonymous said...

But, I... you... one of us... Republicans... me...


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