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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WPEG On Line Petition

The WPEG group has an on-line petition for people to sign. The petition is in response to Governor Paterson's remark during his Northside Improvement League visit in January.

He commented about being selective in siting wind turbines. His comment came as a response to someone expressing their concern about wind turbines being placed along the St. Lawrence River communities, he was interpreted as sharing their concerns.

Governor - These people are serious about holding you to your word!

Here is the petition. 

Petition For Moratorium On Wind Energy Development


Anonymous said...

This document is absolutely ridiculous. It has the stench of desperation. They've tried everything else, and nothing has worked (not even lawsuits), so now they go crying to the governor.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a Governor.

I say who cares about wind power. We have cheap oil and gas right now. Let's not worry about energy until we have to.

Green, renewable, sustainable, earth friendly, and all that.

Forever. Or at least until we have another problem.

JJ said...




Anonymous said...

As long as they are Green grumps, biodegradable grumps, sustainable grumps, renewable grumps, earth friendly grumps....

stick with all the fashionable adjectives.

Anonymous said...

These grumps don't give two pinecones for the environment.

They just don't want change. Change scares them. And they hate any business development. They hate anything that draws young families into the area.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you got it JJ. We've been so successful bringin' young people into the area, we just want to keep up the good work. All that business development we've been experiencing is scaring us.


Excuse me while I go out back and burn some plastic.

Don't worry, it's biodegradable green plastic. Not connected with that terrible wind power in any way.

Anonymous said...

wow does this mean they will have to turn rt 12e into a 4laner to accomodate the traffic of young cpls moving to cape vincent .oh i forgot thats the new fad get married and move to an industrial scrapyard .

Anonymous said...

hey jj what number are you on the petition?

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