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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hat Tip

Although it is generic, PIV will take this acknowledgment by the New York Times of "sympathetic bloggers" personally and offer them a thank you for paying attention to what people are thinking around the state.

They write
They set up a rapid-response team in their communications office on the third floor of the Capitol to monitor debates on the floor, sent out e-mail blasts and reached out to sympathetic bloggers in cities like Watertown and Rochester.
Sympathetic - perhaps, but more correctly stated would be adamantly opposed to one party rule as very unhealthy for democracy and the results of that are crystal clear now after this budget.

Read the entire story; Here

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Anonymous said...

Many people tried to warn voters of what it would be like if Sheldon Silver wrote the budget. Voters got what they deserved. The funny thing is they will get the same thing next year.

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