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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lou Dobbs Rips Olbermann, Garofalo, and MSNBC!

This is worth the listen. And this lady (that is too kind of a word) deserves every rip she gets.


Anonymous said...

Really smart women who speak their minds are so scary. She must be a witch. Burn her! Burn her!

'Proud member of the barefoot and pregnant submission'

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's a brilliant one she is.

I don't care to burn her but I won't mind if she fishes somewhere else. I have to put up with idiots all week long.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the "lady" makes her living on a show broadcast by the FOX network. Just a little disingenuous by her?

Dan Francis said...

Speaking of ripping someone:

I want everyone here to know and esp. the string of "Anonymous" posters here at this trough of enlightenment, that I am taking some time away from this forum...

It's not that I can't take the heat, because I can; and rightly have proven it; but I'm tired of defending myself and being up against ANONYMOUS posters whom I don't know who they are.

Hell, they could be DEMS for all I know ...

But if they don't have the courage or b@lls to face me in open court w/o an "Anonymous" label to hide behind, then I will have to step aside and not have to worry about crafting a response to their attack(s).

Anyway, I can find better things to do anyway ... like work on my blog or backyard Blog Seen Here, not BackyardPerhaps later when serious positions can be defended and debated with real names and faces instead of "Anonymous" shït slingers and nasty insulters. They many call it dialogue, but I do not.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Well, Dan. When they PUT YOU IN CHARGE, then you can tell the other good folks on this and other blogs what to think and what to say.

Until then, tend to your yard / garden. I do not know why you feel compelled to respond to EVERY damn post, regardless of the subject. Your positions are quite predictable, and not really that insightful.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 9:01: You illustrate my point precisely, Anonymous.

hermit thrush said...

don't let the trolls get you down, dan! i'd suggest you either try to ignore them, or start hanging out at other blogs. things are better at rwiley's place, for instance (though unfortunately his travel schedule prevents him from always posting regularly).

Political IV said...

Hey Dan,

Stick around, do not let anyone get at you and do not think you need to respond to all of the comments. Lots of people attempt to engage me after the initial post, but I have made my statement and often refuse to engage.

Make a point and be done. Several attempt to twist, turn and interpret my post. That is part of the routine I suppose.

Same with you HT, stick around.

Dan Francis said...

IV and Hermie: good advice, but my point was not to avoid debate or back and forth dialogue; both are okay with me and I enjoy it; but it was and remains the "Anonymous" posters throwing bombs and ducking back down behind that label ... and having so many different Anonymouses didn't really show if it was the same Anonymous person or not.

As for me, I like to know who or whom I am addressing, but more important to me, is to know who is confronting me, or whom I am defending myself against. Finis...

~ dmf

SchroeppleDem said...

Ya, stick around and be insulted and made fun of by Anons all in the name of conservative righteousness, of course.
I read follies, JLL, Political Rapids every day. Nicer people.
I have not posted here or even read PIV so much in months for the same reason. The first time I commented here Anon insulted the name of my Town.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The frog and his high tenor, Danny Boy will be right back here in the mix. Libs love abuse which is why conservatives will always rule and dogs are always smarter.

Ask the dog.


Anonymous said...

"Stick around, do not let anyone get at you and do not think you need to respond to all of the comments."

Yes Dan. That is a privilege granted only to Ivy's favorite Anon and alter ego who not only responds to every post but adds his own insulting flavor.

Anonymous said...

Oh now, let's be serious little children. ALL off us have been the target of all off us now and then.

Dan's recent tantrum stems from the Texas thing. In my view, the tea party thing in a way. Dan is no Frog. He shows the ability to think independently. but in this case he followed lock-step media in his critique. It may be related, it may not. Who cares? Dan, the exchange is over. I'm surprised you are making such a big deal over it. My God Boy, I've agreed with everything you've said until this Texas thing. How are we gonna run you for Senate or something if you quit for something like this?

Frog. You haven't been the same since the Democrat budget was passed. There is no defense for it, and instead of trying, you have hidden under a rock. Now you are playing the woe is me card. Why, you'd think I'd slipped a caterpiller under your pillow. Now, it is true that since you called GW a war criminal, and fell all over yourself trying to defend your foolishness, I lost respect for you. But I'm sure there are lots of folks who don't respect me either. Relax guy, or girl, or whatever you would like to be. My opine don't matter. We're here to joust. My problems with your name is only meant to reflect the seriousness in which I regard your entries. wink... Now you are using that to avoid me, which has adversely effected my self esteem.

Honestly guys, I don't think it's me who has you down. Although you do seem to be giving me a lot of the credit/blame. I think it's caterpillers, state budgets, and chickens coming home to roost.

How bout it Frog? You list the name for you that I have to use. You list the topics I can discuss. And you list the people I can talk about. Will you come back and play then? We can be just like your CNN/NBC/MSNBC/ and all the other main stream media that you're comfortable with.

But if you need to take your toys and go home, I understand. No hard feelings. Maybe, maybe, I'll, sniff, sniff, go home, sniff, too.

Can't believe ya don't like me.

hermit thrush said...

How bout it Frog? You list the name for you that I have to use. You list the topics I can discuss. And you list the people I can talk about. Will you come back and play then?

really, this is beyond obtuse. talk about whatever you want! and i'll comment on whatever i want! i'm not going anywhere -- nor have i said anything that should lead you to think otherwise.

but if you want to talk to me, then use my name -- it's the most basic requirement to show that you're engaging in good faith. if you want to talk to me about the budget, then use my name. if you want to talk to me about torture, then use my name. or if i don't measure up to your level of "seriousness," then please continue with the silly names, and i'll know to keep ignoring you. i think you'll agree it's been working great!

Anonymous said...

At least you're not ignoring me anymore, my dear Friend.

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