"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Monday, April 20, 2009

Senate Dems Attempt Bribe

The Republicans should run fast from the latest move by the New York Senate Democrats. It is nothing short of bribery.

The Senate Democrats cannot muster a majority of their members to support an MTA bailout plan and any solution to their fiscal crisis is at a stalemate. Malcolm Smith and Governor Paterson have been attempting to lure a few Republican votes to push them over the edge for the vote needed, so far, no Republicans have yet to lurch forward.

So the Democrats are upping the ante; willing to trade pork member item money and increased staff levels for their support.

And you wonder why New York State Government is dysfunctional, this comes close to even being corrupt.


They want to raise taxes again with this deal. The Senate Democrats sure have mastered the art of tax and spend in their few months in control of the NY Senate
The plan includes reviving taxes on sugary drinks -- a proposal Gov. Paterson considered and said could bring $400 million in revenue -- and an increased gasoline tax, with the proceeds going to both the MTA and upstate roads and bridges, the sources said. It's unclear if there are other elements.

The Democrats have just sent more campaign material to the Republicans on why the state is bad hands, especially with one party rule - the Republicans should rebuke this idea and take the campaign material and walk away!

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Anonymous said...

IV, I would be interested to see this question proposed to your readers: Since Aubertine is a different story, we will focus on Addie. Addie was able to secure extra money for local schools, extra money for law enforcement, and hundreds of thousands in pork for local law enforcement, library’s and food pantry’s. Would you rather have had a republican member vote no on this terrible budget, still have the budget pass, and not receive any of this funding, or would you rather have a member in the majority who is able to deliver the extra funding, even though. So either a no vote, and no funding or a yes vote and receive the funding, because we all know, regardless of Addie’s vote, the budget was going to pass as it was.

Anonymous said...

Addie didnt do squat for schools. Ask the school dist she didnt contribute to a damn thing. Its called Obama and his stimulus package. Bottom line every school district made drastic cuts. NYS will rely on this until in runs dry then who knows. Same thing for law enforcement, ask the chiefs and sherriffs theyll tell you what they think of Addie and Darrel. What she did do is vote yes on more taxes and spending that hurts business and other taxpayers. Addie is so stupid she could have voted no on the budget and her party wouldnt of cared...so rubber stamp russell lives on..stupid addie

Anonymous said...

It's bacon in your district, and you elected the right representation, or it went to another district represented by larger teabags, and then it's called pork.

Anonymous said...

PIV would rather have nothing than have Darrel be our senator. Darrel beat him 2:1.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember PIV running against Darrell.

Don't lose focus. The problem is not lies about law enforcement money or school money or bird money or cage dancing, it's about a 9% increase in spending. We cannot afford a 9% increase in spending. I don't care if we spent the money on God (which no doubt would take second place to the teachers' union), we cannot afford it. The budget won't work. Our youth and our future will suffer. And Addie and Darrell failed to influence Thug Silver in any way.

I don't care what party is in there, we have to address the spending issue.

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