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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, April 20, 2009

NBC: Muzzle It!

Not that there was much doubt, but there is no need to look much further and wonder if NBC is in the tank for Obama.

Immelt and Zucker called in CNBC people in over their concern the network is too much Obama bashing. Mad man Jim Cramer, who has been vocal over Obama's policies, was there, but Rick Santelli was not.

Read more here.

Santelli became well known for this rant.


Anonymous said...

immelt should and would be unemployed if not for obamas win. He has destroyed GE and is now on obams payroll. The band of thieves just keeps getting bigger. I can't wait till this madness is over!

Anonymous said...

12:51 I don't think it is going to ever be over, 12:51. We have a unique situation. I've never in my lifetime seen media in the pocket of a "rock star" like we've got right now. There can be no effective criticism of The Great One while such a relationship exists. I don't see it changing anytime soon.

In the case of GE, there are millions of people who have been hurt by Immelt's actions, through decreased stock values. But it doesn't matter. These are very interesting times. And some, right here in on this board, claim that media slants right. I won't mention names because of sensitiiiiivity. But they make these claims in all seriousness.

With people like this, our problems are just beginning.

hermit thrush said...

And some, right here in on this board, claim that media slants right.

i follow things pretty closely around here, and i don't remember anyone making that claim (maybe rwiley?), let alone "some." i know i've never said that. who are you talking about?

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