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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To The Woodshed

CSEA and PEF unions are taking Governor Paterson to the woodshed over the pending layoffs of 8,900 workers.

Below is a variety of electronic billboard ads that are appearing in the capital region for legislators to view on their way to their offices and a TV ad.



Dan Francis said...

To the woodshed? Take this a-hole with you Whacky Gov. Rick Perry of TexasPerry says Texas has the right to secede from the Union if it wants ...

Excuse me, Gov. I think the events of 1865 kinda squashed that movement for a very long time.

This rhetoric shows exactly why the GOP is out of gas, out of power and out "leaders."

Even saying it should cause alarm for among some nitwits, that's all the fuze they need to light a huge fire based on what: fear and hype? ...

Gov. Perry will need to be impeaced if he continues this path ...

Destroy the U.S.? My word...

Anonymous said...

Its the unions who gt themselves into this problem.

Anonymous said...

No, Danny, there is a well documented legal basis for Texas being an independent entity. It's not a new story. It gets some publicity now and then, but it's not a new story.

Making fun of it doesn't change the factual basis for it. I'm sure it would take our courts a thousand years to settle it, but it is part of their constitution.

Back to the PEF/CSEA topic. State employees, along with the teacher unions, run the state. Every once in a while the Gov, whoever it might be, has to be told this. He won't be able to make any cuts. We own Silver.

Anonymous said...

THe unions are nothing but a political lobbying machine. Their concern is their continued existence. Their being defined as the leadership not the members.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 9:07:

I'm not making fun of Gov. Perry or that silly-ass idea -- I could care less if it's in their constitution or not.

You seem to think it's not a serious issue to think Texas or any other state can secede from the Union .... then I suppose people like you would just snicker and say, "We're still proud Americans?"

Would that be with 50 states; 49, 48, or how about 33 or 10?

Your post is a very weak rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

No Dan, actually I'm the one who thinks Perry's statements are serious. They have a basis in fact. You were the one who used the factual, rational argument of calling him an a-hole. You were the one who called for his impeachment if he continued to speak of this option. I'm suggesting that before you start name calling, find out a couple of the underlying facts.

They have a legal standing to leave. They just won't do it. I don't think it is any kind of threat to our future. But if they did leave, we'd miss their oil and gas, defense industries, refineries, medical facilities, agriculture, and football.

hermit thrush said...

anon 2:05,
i think you've been missing dan's point. the extent to which texas (or any other state) has the right to secede is not what he's getting at -- at least as i understand him, though forgive me if i'm projecting. the point is that secession is about as unpatriotic a thing to do as you could ask for. whatever happened to all that "you're with us, or you're against us" talk on the right?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I think I got Dan's point perfectly. I just don't agree with it. Same with you.

As far as our country is concerned. It ain't the same country, Kerm. When I have to pay health benefits for illegals because my country won't enforce immigration laws, something is wrong. When I to bail out bankers and businessfolk who ruin their companies, all when I pay my bills, something is wrong. With people like Shelly Silver running our government, there is no reason to respect our political leadership. Corruption is rampant. Now if Texas decides to leave the union, I won't blame them. In fact I might vacation there once in a while. One question, why do you feel like this move is such a threat to government lovers such as yourself? We all know the answer but let's see if you have the gonads to say anything close to the the truth. Ah, who am I kidding. You've never been an honest debater before, can't expect you to start now.

See any blue lines lately?

hermit thrush said...

You've never been an honest debater before, can't expect you to start now.that's an utterly ridiculous charge coming from the likes of you. as soon as you want to stop acting like a child and call me by my actual name, i'd be more than happy to "debate," if that's what you want to call it. or if you just want to get in a few cheap licks without fear of response, then please continue with the silly names! you know the deal.

Anonymous said...

Hold it down, Frog. There's a blue line in my back yard.


I think the blue line is something FOX News is doing to confuse us. Not me, they ain't gonna get me. I've been warned about blue lines.

How come you took so much time off around state budget time, Tadpole?
We looked, but you were nowhere to be found.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 4:26: Ding. Wrong again.

I think you just drop crap here that has no foundation or function except to take the opposite view of most posters ... as you hope it will stick somehow; but it will not.

It stinks a lot, but it won't stick - no substance - no fiber as it were.

~ scurry on.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, wrong about what, Dan? I can't defend what you aren't specific about.

You just got mad at me because I countered your statements on the Texas thing. You made fun of something that had a basis in fact. C'mon Dan, don't throw a temper tanrum. The Texas situation is unique and has nothing to do with 1865.

Destroy the US you say? Now who is using fear and hype?

Anonymous said...

That Francis guy has to be right. So the longer you go on, the longer he will. He forgot all about Texas and his personal history of the events of 1841-1878 there. Sometimes I think he is standing there with Ivy waiting to be first! to post. Time for a cold one, Lone Star this time.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 11:11: Perhaps "destroy" was a bit too strong, but then again when a state like Texas, or a couple more (Red states mostly, we can agree on) pulls out and takes us from an UNITED 50 STATES of AMERICA to 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, etc. or any other number that you feel comfortable with (just let me know), then I wouldn't exactly say that keeps the old Union in tact, either?

~ secede on...

Anonymous said...

Nah, I'm too old to move. But if I get a State Grant, now maybe I'll think about it.

Ya know, one of them job creatin' grants that usually go to guys with big houzes.

Ever try Shiner beer?

Dan Francis said...

F/U to Texas leaving the Union.... it too awhile, but I found the case that says "No" they cannot.

In Texas v. White No State Can Leave the UnionThe Court held (5-3) that individual states could not unilaterally secede from the Union and that the acts of the insurgent Texas legislature -- even if ratified by a majority of Texans -- were "absolutely null."End of my argument.... enjoy.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of writing on the topic, Dan. Texas came to the union unlike any other territory. Caveats (not sure how to spell it) were all over their agreement to join. It has been an interesting topic for a hundred years. I doubt, like everything legal, or illegal, it is as cut and dried as you imply.

All I'm saying is it is a unique situation, deserving more than
"1865" dismissal. Texas pols have been peddling this stuff for a century. And until lately, they were all Democrats, so relax.

Anonymous said...

Mt 3:15 PM:
It took 2 1/2 years for thirteen colonies to become 13 states. Were we a union then? Another 47 years for the number of states to hit
26. Were we a union then? 17 years later, at the end of 1864, we were 36 states strong. Two states were annexed in your lifetime, one which had been Russian territory. We've always been a union. If Texas secedes, they'll become part of China in no time.
T. Baggs

Anonymous said...

Then they would control not only Mexican food, but Chinese food.

It would be over.

No stimulus would save us.

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