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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Johns Headed to the White House

Senator John McCain and Rrepresentative John McHugh will meet with President Obama today at the White House. Topic - Military Procurement reform.

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Dan Francis said...

I will comment on this issue - something I know about, after I read what Mr. McHugh has to say about "any procurement reform" proposals.

Reform is sorely needed, but it always comes down to "Whose Ox gets gored."

Dan Francis said...

Rep. McHugh has a piece in Roll Call re: DOD budget, Obama budget, and nation's defense issues.

He summarizes his piece with this statement: BOLD is my emphasis.

"Considering the scope of these significant challenges, many of us had hoped that the budget resolution crafted by our Democratic colleagues and passed in the House last week would have provided for a higher level of defense funding. Consistent with the Armed Services Committee’s long-standing tradition, we Republicans intend to work in a bipartisan fashion with our Democratic colleagues and the Obama administration in a serious effort to build a budget that both ensures America’s national security and provides the men and women of our military, and their families, with the support they so richly deserve."

I would remind everyone that Mr. McHugh and ALL Republicans in the House voted "No" (Roll Call Vote #216, 29 April 2009 on S.Con.Res.13) - it passed but w/o one single GOP vote of support.

Mr. McHugh's entire Roll Call piece (May 4, 2009) can be read here McHugh: GOP Likes Reform but is SkepticalSadly, the way I read it is that Mr. McHugh and the entire GOP want it both ways:

Their way, or no way!That IS NOT bi-partisan support by any stretch, but it is a good campaign soundbyte - for whom, I wonder?

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