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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool Hand O

Obama handshake with Chavez

Cool hand Obama is setting his own tone and style across the world stage. He often times acts like he wants to be the world's president rather than POTUS.

Obama's style is in stark contrast to that of President Bush. That is not meant to be critical of W; he had reasons to be cynical against those who disliked us - we were attacked - as President he never let his or the country's guard down after that and it resulted in safety for all Americans.

Obama on the other hand, wants to be liked by everyone and is the mindset to give everyone a chance under his watch. It is the "we're cool" or kill'em with kindness" (figure of speech) approach of diplomatic strategy.

Bush's hard arse approach worked for the time he served, he had little choice but to not back down from the tough guy approach or he would be viewed as weakened or vulnerable on his "with us or against us" approach.

A new guy, new approach - handshake, a smile and I want to be your friend.

Obama in his speech said;
There is no senior partner and junior partner in our relations; there is simply engagement based on mutual respect and common interests and shared values. So I’m here to launch a new chapter of engagement that will be sustained throughout my administration.
But behind those smiles are dictators with horrible records of human rights in their own countries. It is the "shared values" part that Obama will have a problem defining to the citizens of the US.

Will it work? What happens when he has to get tough? How will the rest of the world react then?

More questions than answer right now, it is too early to know if his approach will work.


Dan Francis said...

I do not think that kind of handshake ("Whazz'up wasabi chips") or "Hey, bro' how's it hanging," works for our president ... to me, and maybe just to me, I found it unbecoming for a President, any president to greet another "leader" that way. As bad as bowing to a Saudi King, IMHO.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan you should run for office and put a stop to all this unbecoming behavior

Anonymous said...

Exactly Dan, since when did the "bar room/hippie" handshake become acceptable for presidents? This guy is so cool it's sickening. We can only consult our own arbiter of cool. Kerm. Was this a cool coup or another example of voter stupidity?

Political IV said...


I considered rejecting that comment on the basis that I don't know if you are being a wise a$$ or serious.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and consider it serious.

Unless someone objects, it will stand.

Anonymous said...

at leaste he didnt bow . but i wonder how many things he appologised for on this trip

hermit thrush said...

he probably apologized for as much as he did on his last trip: nothing.

Anonymous said...

No Klermit, O doesn't apologize. He just speaks consistantly of the arrogance of the country he is supposed to lead. Not a problem to you Frog? I know. Many hate their own country.

We have reached an amazing state. In a world where our own citizens were forced to jump off a 100 story building to avoid burning to death people like you have limited us from using caterpillers to scare murderers into telling us what they know.

You're not the problem, Kerm. The problem is us. We've let people like you into positions of power. Old folks don't care and the kids are too busy at the mall. You win. I lose.

Can't use caterpillers? We deserve whatever we get.

Go ahead, Frog. Give me a rational argument why caterpillers deserve to be a no no, an example of extreme torture.

Hey, you're not the fool. I am. People like me have lost the election and apparantly, the country.

Anonymous said...

"I considered rejecting that comment on the basis that I don't know if you are being a wise a$$ or serious."

Your are kidding Ivy? Right?

What makes you so concerned about moderation, now?

Earthbob said...

Sometimes green is more important than red.

Isn't that what the embargo was about?

In a way, Fidel's brother Raul is like Walt Disney's nephew Roy running Disneyworld.

Both Castro's are in their twilight of power.

Didn't Ronald Reagan's "Trust, but Verify" approach help bring down the Berlin Wall?

At that time, the USA had decades of diplomatic relations with both the USSR and Red China.

When our one hundred dollar bills were updated it was shown that the biggest holders of $100 bills were Russians.

Today China is investing in our debt. A socialist country buying our bonds, as opposed to spending their monies on socialist programs for their own citizens.

To attract tourists from the Western World, Cuba had to improve its communications.

Fiber connections, satellite reception and cell phones were necessary for tourism.

Green seems to be more popular than Red, doesn't it?

But, can it free the Cuban population to travel unhindered around the world?

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you PIV. That was the kind of post we hope to see more of. Thanks for being real

Dan Francis said...

While I appreciate the comments and flack (or is it flak) - whatever, and call me old fashioned or whatever, too... I just think that our president, no matter which party he/she comes from should NOT bow to anyone at anytime, or to give handshake like that.

For the boys in the hood, sure, hell why not... but not for the president.

Agree or not ... it's still my view. And, thanks for playing pin the tail on Dan [donkey, get it?] probably not (LOL).

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Hell Dan, if you don't know how to spell FLAK we are done for. Proof positive we need more money for edgmukashun.


From German for anti aircraft gun.

FLAK jackets first protected WWII bomber boys. Big heavy things. Not the boys, the jackets.

Dan Francis said...

Aflac... I'm done now.

Quack, quack...

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