"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Day and The Same Way

The Democrats in the New York State Senate cannot help themselves, they just want to pass tax increases. Their second MTA bailout plan in as many days includes the same old tactics.

This is yet another example of the destruction one political party rule in New York State can have.

The Democrats will do anything to get the Republicans on the hook for voting for a tax increase and as mentioned yesterday they are horse trading and bribing to make that happen. Late yesterday the Democrats unveiled their MTA bailout plan. Surprise, Surprise - it includes raising taxes, or how about the politically correct term "revenue raisers," Do they actually think people are that stupid?

The largest revenue raiser tax increase of the $1.76 billion plan is a payroll tax increase in the 12 county service region of the MTA that raises $1.49 billion of the total.


Republicans should continue to use their hands off approach to the Democrats' policies. The very last thing businesses or individuals need right now is an additional tax burden such as an increased payroll tax. Anything that has a potential negative effect that will reduce jobs or restrain job growth should be avoided.

This may be a tax in the 12 county region, but the loss of income to the state in the form of personal income tax, sales tax, etc because of the job loss will be felt all around the state from this job killing proposal.You only have to look at the effects that the Wall St. collapse had on the state budget and how it has effected you to realize what can happen. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody cares about budget issues, PIV. The Dems are in hiding and the Reps are so ticked off they've given up.

Sure, this is another example of an unworkable "solution" that will cause more damage than good. But again, this is what we're gonna get for a couple more years. Then things are going to get really bad.

But hey, don't worry be happy. Nobody wants to hear about this.
Nobody denies anything you're saying, but nobody wants to discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Well we know where addie & darrel stand on this. Their party supports the bailout plan which includes a shocker more taxes..rubber stamp russell and aubertine..party before the people..shamefull!

Anonymous said...

We need a new tax on florists

Anonymous said...

It just never ends.I am glad the local news went digital now I don't have to watch this stuff anymore.I am also glad my youngest graduates in 2 years.Then it's goodbye NY I am outta here. I want to go now but the cook won't budge. I can only see NYs taxes getting worse because the solution for everything is to raise taxes.

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