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Monday, March 3, 2008

Memo from McKay to Graham

Frank McKay, who endorsed Jeff Graham for Mayor, even made a trip here from Long Island to attend a rally during the hizzoner's campaign, and who now would just as soon gut Jeff just like a fresh slain deer, is making party rule changes as a result of the recent Senate race.

All Independence Party designations in multi-county races will be made at the state level effective March 9, 2008.

This means the designation for the upcoming 118th race will be made at the state level, not by Jeff Graham. In the Senate race the Oswego County IP committee or better ICO trumped the selection of the Jefferson County committee, but in the 118th race Jefferson County would hold the cards for the selection over St. Lawrence County.

This is not particularly good news for the Democrat in this race, as most likely the state selection will fall to the Republican here.

Jenne-Russell will not seek the seat if John Burns is interested, Tedra Cobb has fallen out of favor with the St. Lawrence County Democrats, the rest appear non-starters except June O'Neill is pushing Wicke forward.

Here are a couple of 118th potential matchups:
Patti Richie vs John Wicke (both St Lawrence County candidates) Patti wins
Phil Reed vs John Burns (both Jefferson County candidates) John Wins

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