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Friday, March 21, 2008

Burns Goes Bye Bye

The potential candidate list is growing smaller for both sides. The latest casualty in the 118th Assembly district race is John Burns according to a source inside the Sheriff's department. He is the second front runner to bow out in as many days, following the announcement by Patty Ritchie that she would not run.

That will pretty much finish off the "A" list of candidates and now onto lesser known candidates that have run races in much smaller districts.

Governor Paterson, if you are going to call a special election, hurry, there may not be anyone interested in taking part in what is known as a cesspool of sex and politics tainted only occasionally by a little bit of the people's business, lesser known to many to be our state capital.


Anonymous said...

(1)who said? (2)so far all your inside sources have been wrong, (3)why don't we know who you are?

Politicaliv.com said...

Anonymous 1

(1) I am just posting what I have been told, if the person wanted his name revealed I would have put it in there.

(2) Name the time I was wrong

(3)Tell me why that matters, or send me an email.

Disclaimer: Apparently that decision was before Patty decided not to run, so it could change. Much like the decision for the special election has gone back and forth. Things change and people adapt.

Anonymous said...

Burns should step aside and look in his closet. More than ever, every candidate needs to be vetted.
Republican and Democrat alike.

If anyone is considering a run here is what I would ask you, Is there anything in your past that you would not like to read in the paper. If there is you should reconsider you candidacy.

John; Phil, David, and others, Do the test!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott. Just because your candidates bow out doesn't mean they are the best candidate

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