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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slán go fóill

This is a little departure from our mission but something of this significance will grace this blog any day and cause a departure from our intended purpose.

It is with sadness that we tell you Coleman's Corner, as we know it, will close in a little more than a year. A landmark establishment in Watertown with good food, spirits and an affable owner Cari Green.

Coleman's Corner is a quaint little pub, rich in heritage with a friendly hometown atmosphere like you would see on TV, it is Watertown's version of our very own CHEERS. It is a place where truly everybody knows your name.

Cari leased the property from landlord Leo Coleman and she gave him a little more than a year notice that she will vacate the premise in May of 2009, a year shy of a 10 year lease she had on the premise.

The future of Coleman's Corner, as we know it, by all accounts will be different. There are conversations occurring on its future which imply it might be torn down and rebuilt into a night club.

In any event, this local establishment will be greatly missed for its lunches and late night snacks after a trip to the mall or movies.

Please lend your memories and accolades for Cari and her staff.

This is not intended on or being used as an opinion on Leo Coleman, he as well as Cari are well respected business people in the community.


Anonymous said...

I think it is very premature to be stating that Coleman's Corner will no longer be there. Cari has done a fantastic job over the past eight years, but remember Leo Coleman still owns the building and he has owned and operated several of the area's most successful restaurants over the past 30 years. (Fairgrounds Inn, Barkeater's Cafe, Coleman's Corner, and Kathy's Barracks Inn). If anything, Mr. Coleman will renovate and improve Coleman's Corner as he has done to every single restaurant he has ever owned, and it will reopen better than ever.
-an educated opinion

Anonymous said...

Leo Coleman Senior is a nice guy. His food however at all of his establishments tastes the same and leaves much to be desired. I cetainly hopes he leases it to someone else. I really hope his jerk of a kid Leo JR. does not end up running it.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to Coleman's frequently when I was working evenings at Z-93 several years ago. Cari was such a positive, supportive person and I always appreciated her warmth and hospitality.

Since voice-tracked overnights, I could make sure something by Boston (her favorite classic rock band) was scheduled to play before 2 am. It was great to be sitting at her bar by the time it played so I could watch her enjoy it.

Although I live far away now, I still make a point of coming in for lunch whenever I'm back in the area.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the tradition will be kept alive! I know Leo Sr is a great man, don't know his kid. I remember when it was Anut Amelia's Pizza - the best pizza in the world.

Cari Greene said...

first, i would like to thank you all for your positive comments in regards to myself and colemans. The last 8 years have been amazing, but going into this I knew at 10 years i would be leaving. It was my decision for several reasons to leave a year early but I do plan on making this last year fantastic for us ALL. The tradition of Colemans started with the Coleman Family and they will continue on with that tradition after I am gone. P.S. I would really love to know who wrote this article. Cari Greene

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt in my mind that colemans will not be a night club and that the Coleman family who is responsible for what Colemans corners is today will be open and better than ever.

Anonymous said...

aunt amelia's , mikey finn's , coleman's corner always good friends and good times and lets not forget the BEER. good luck cari

Anonymous said...

As someone who knows both of the involved parties, maybe the starter of this topic should have his/her facts straight before posting such unsubstantiated bullshit on the internet.
Yes, Cari will be leaving that location. But your facts are not correct. Make sure that you have it right before you go throwing someone else's laundry out into the street.

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