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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Luv Guv: Part II

So, Paterson takes his oath of office and New York State starts anew with the tone of a spirit of cooperation.

Yes, then Paterson makes the decision to come clean to the press. His intention of not hiding anything from anyone is admirable.

There are two schools (actually three, but the third could be considered misguided) of thought on how to handle this type of announcement, which you may think have merit.

A) Take advantage of the positive media coverage; from the oath, the fresh tone and the welcomed leadership change for the moment and announce it at a later date.

B) Announce it immediately, such as Governor Paterson did, and relinquish the entire focus of the coverage on the fresh tone and revert every one's thoughts back to a week ago.

C) Do not announce it, consider it a private matter, take your chances of being ambushed by opponents and possibly the media with a "gotcha" moment. (Not a highly recommended course of action)

What are your thoughts on how he handled his prior extramarital affair announcement?
Why did Paterson not mention it when he was being interviewed by the press during the transition period? Perhaps he could have mentioned it when he was questioned if he ever solicited a prostitute.

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