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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Constituent $ervices?

The DAILY NEWS is reporting Governor Paterson may have used campaign funds for a hotel hottie. The use of campaign funds for such activities is illegal! This all occurred recently, between 2002 and 2006. His memory is slipping, he did not remember the tryst when interviewed by reporters during the transition and now he did not remember using the campaign cash until his memory was jarred by a reporter. One day he insist he did not use campaign money and the next day - surprise - he remembers. Does he remember the New York State budget deficit from one day to the next? It is no wonder New York has such a difficult time arriving at revenue numbers.

"The hotel tryst was apparently listed as 'constituent services'."

He also listed Lila Kirton, his ex playmate, as "professional services" on two different occasions. Here is one of those occasions reported in the DAILY NEWS

"In July 2002, Paterson's campaign paid Kirton $500 for "professional services." Yesterday, Paterson said he was reimbursing her for a donation she'd made on his behalf to Carl McCall, the Democratic candidate for governor that year."

"There's no record of a Kirton donation to McCall. Besides, it's illegal to make a so-called "pass-through" political donation on behalf of another because it masks the identity of the donor."

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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! If this is all true...shall we break out a Bible, find a judge and roll out Joe Bruno? What the heck is wrong with Albany?!! Wait...isn't Bruno under investigation still? WOW!

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