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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Burns Is Bubbling To The Surface.

Late word today from sources is that John Burns is the heir apparent to the 118th.

John is calling in the family chits, using whatever status he has with the Spitzer administration, Darrel Aubertine and Mike Schell and everything else in his bag to become the "choice" candidate.

Who prevails; Burns with the backing of Spitzer, Schell and Aubertine or Wicke with the O'Neill backing? The inside word is Burns.


Anonymous said...

This is good we are going to have a assembyman that is going to do nothing like he does as a sheiriff. the sheirills department has been called to my sisters house several times for a unwanted / domestic and they won't do anything about this man they won't arrest him they won't help her at all it will probably be to late when they do. so I'm sorry this is not a good choice

Anonymous said...

He has so much natural charisma....A born politician.

Anonymous said...

Word in St. Lawrence County is that June O'Neill is backing Burns as well because Wicke is a plastic, empty suit.

TF said...

My strong suspicion is that you are talking out the wrong end of your IV if you think that either Mike Schell or Darrel Aubertine will express any preferences prior to the designation in a special election (if there really is one.) Mike is, of course, part of the Spitzer team and they have no dog in the fight. And Mike is way too smart to play Lone Ranger. Darrel has been supported by everyone on the possible candidates list and there would be no advantage in him playing any favorite. Remember he has to run again this fall and needs everyone on his team with no defectors. Ergo I put your analysis in the category of loose talk.

Politicaliv.com said...

Dear Ted,

I never said they would "express" interest publicly. And if you think Spitzer has no dog in this fight or any other election occurring in NYS, then you are one naive' person who is blind to politics.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are gonna win this is Burns is the candidate. My friend at the courthouse tells me that operatives were there yesterday pulling information on Burns defaulting on loans and not paying doctor bills. This guy is bad news.

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