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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, March 7, 2008

Heeeere's Johnny (And There He Goes)

The Democratic democracy is in action with the 118th Assembly District line up of candidates. A couple of posts ago we mentioned that John Burns was the inside favorite with the support of the top pedigree of the party, Schell and Aubertine, but Johnny lacked the support of queen June O'Neill.

You were not lead astray with our knowledge. Today, an inside source very close to John Burns let us know June is wheeling and dealing with John by dangling the offer of a patronage job in Albany if he would be so kind as to step aside for her candidate.

Who is her candidate? Look no further than the turmoil in St. Lawrence County and take a pick. Current St. Lawrence County Legislature Chairman Patrick Turbett has not played well in the sandbox with the union boss hog Ernie LaBaff and since Ernie is June O'Neill's maker then Turbett must follow the same path as former vice chair Tedra Cobb and be gone! Massena legislator Gregory Paquin appears to be emerging from this as June's selection for the 118th candidate, but not before they absolutely go through some incredible gyration in order to just rankle the base by firing Turbett and putting Paquin in as chair of the legislature.

I honestly did not realize that June O'Neill smoked cigars, played cards and cut deals in the back room like she is just one of the good 'ol boys.

The Republicans will be ecstatic over this maneuvering.

This is almost as good as watching Hillary and Obama fight it out, in their civil war which Hillary wishes to overturn the will of the voters. Only the Hill vs Bama war will last longer, until the Denver convention to be exact but the risks are the same, splitting up the base.


Anonymous said...

It is a political thing. Nothing to do with being a republican or a democrat. Those that thought the democrats were above it are just naive.

Anonymous said...

It's this type of low grade cackling that keeps voters inside and not at the polls.

earthbob said...

If your conjecture is true, then Mr. LaBaff will earn the MVP Award for the Republicans for this November Election.

Anonymous said...

Before June even considers Burns, she may want to check into all the judgments against him for The Arcade, and unpaid doctor bills. Not to mention, this guy has done a terrible job fighting crime. Jefferson crime is up 30% over his tenure while other local counties have seen sharpe drops.

Someone please save us from the Republicans.....

Pat said...

John, Take the deal and step-aside. The republicans will tear you up. I like you but your not exactly a great political spokesman.

Anonymous said...

Attention Jeff. Co. Dems: don't put a lot of stock in June's other pick, Paquin from Massena. He's another overpaid teacher who's not too quick on his feet and has a very spotty attendance record in his one and a half years on the county legislature. (His only other political background is a couple years filling a seat on the Massena Town Council.)

He is not a leader and short on substance - kinda phoney and artificial at first contact. Not a great campaigner either, because he's kind of lazy, as his attendance record indicates.

If he becomes the legislature's chair up here, it will be by default because none of the other Dummies, er, Demmies wants it.

So get ready for another Republican Assemblyman (hopefully not Ritchie), because Paquin's not the guy who can close the deal for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope John gets a patronage job, he deserves it. He has worked hard. I hope he chooses that over the Assembly run. Its better for him and his family.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I have it in good authority that Mike Schell will not and HAS not weighed in on this race. In his role with the Governor's administration, he will not be involved in the selection of candidates. The information in the blog to the contrary should be corrected.

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