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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sounds Like A 60 Minutes: Point - Counterpoint Session

Do the Democrats really prefer to do all of their deal making in the back room or in this case the kitchen. This is yet another deal engineered by New York State and St. Lawrence County Democratic Chair June O'Neill. I do not rejoice in taking a swipe at her constantly, but as the saying goes, when they throw you a softball you must hit it out of the park.

It was St. Lawrence County Legislator Sallie Brothers, who is doing June's work to settle the troops down, that made the conflicting statements that just jump out at you. Sallie is trying to remove the harshness of the smoke filled back room deals, by having everyone over to her house for cookies and hot chocolate on a snowy Saturday afternoon.

So here are Sallie Brothers' comments. Is this how the St. Lawrence County Democrats work?

Point - secrecy
"There was no reason for it to be discussed until we got our caucus together and talked about it," said Legislator Sallie A. Brothers, D-Norfolk.

Had it stayed quiet, today's meeting might not have led to Mr. Turbett's ouster, but it now seems inevitable.

...it hasn't gone as planned, the Democrats said.

...expected to meet with him today in private to air grievances and, if necessary, forge an amicable way for him to step down.

It got away from them, however, and became public knowledge that the disgruntled Democrats had enlisted the Legislature's five Republicans as an insurance policy to force Mr. Turbett down if he resisted.

Counterpoint - open government
"I'm upset with the characterization of secretness, because it wasn't how it was supposed to be."
said Legislator Sallie A. Brothers, D-Norfolk.

So, Sallie, first of all, point - counterpoint should be played with two people, not yourself. Secondly, tell us how it should have went and tell us your idea of open government. We are interested in knowing, remember we are one happy family in the 118th Assembly District.

Finally this part here, disgruntled Democrats had enlisted the Legislature's five Republicans as an insurance policy to force Mr. Turbett down if he resisted, conjures up the image that you are a nice elderly lady who invited legislators over to your house on a snowy Saturday afternoon for cookies and hot chocolate and you are holding Turbett hostage with a butter knife, telling him to dance or else.

Com'on St. Lawrence County government has to be better than this.

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Anonymous said...

Sallie's a joke. She's the one who foolishly went public with their scheme. They're right to get rid a Turbett but they're stuck now. They got rid of Cobb because juen hates her. Sallie's never been a big Cobb fan either. It is the arrogance of both Turbett and Cobb that is there undoing. How come the media never talk about the "hit list" that Dems have of the county employees they want to fire? They all know about it and the Econ. Dev. and his wife in the highway dept. were at the top. Stay tuned, they'll go after them soon.

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