"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day One Is Today

Day One, everything was suppose to change. You could say nothing in Albany changed on day one or any day under Spitzer or you could say it did for the worse. What is very clear today, is that line was simply rhetoric from day one. The new Day One is today and lets hope everything does change.

Good Luck to Governor Paterson and hope he understands good government is good politics. Today let this be the State of New York and not the State of Confusion. Governor Paterson needs to govern New York as one diverse state, not through the prism of Democrat and Republican or upstate and downstate. He needs to remember New Yorkers pay some of the highest taxes of all the states. Governor Paterson needs to deliver real value for our money or reduce our tax burden. Expectations for Governor Spitzer were high and dissipated quickly, by many accounts expectations for Paterson are much lower, Paterson is positioned to be successful if he manages it correctly.

Richard M. Bivone of the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce, invited to the ceremony. "I'm expecting to hear unity, working together ... because when people elect officials to represent them, they want to see things get done."

Paterson has his work cut out for him to put New York State on the right track, he has a lot of work to undo what the last 5 Governors have done to get us where we are today.

p.s. The media can take their foot off Spitzer's neck, enough already, as of noon his situation becomes an issue of private matter between he and his wife.

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