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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Governor Clinton, The Sequel

That's right!

This is the proposed "consolation" prize for Senator Clinton, through Spitzer and now Paterson, the New York State Governorship is nothing more than a "consolation" prize.

A "very senior" Democrat offered the statehouse as a way to lure Hillary Clinton away from the primary. The theory, it better positions her for a run in 2012.

Wait a minute, will Barack not be running for a second term then?

Hence the theory is flawed and will be nothing more than a implosion of the Democratic party on the national stage.

Following the many Spitzer debacles, Paterson gave his share of public acknowledgments to various activities that have the Democrats believing he is considerably weakened and not a viable candidate in the 2010 election.

Hillary would then seek the statehouse in the 2010 election and launch a presidential race in 2012. This theory assumes McCain wins the presidency this year, which means the Clinton's sit on there hands for this election, further splitting the party more than has already occurred in this primary.

Clinton has played this primary in a distasteful way, consider the attacks on Bill Richardson, Nancy Pelosi, et al., and she has more retribution to dish out to the all Senators who have cut away from her during this bloody primary.

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