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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eaton His Way To The Top

The Republicans are expected to name Jerry Eaton as Commissioner of the Board of Elections while the Democrats are expected to elevate current deputy Sean Hennessey to Commissioner.

Jerry Eaton is a well respected, intelligent, dedicated and dapper dressing individual, a former staffer for H. Robert Nortz and James W. Wright, he is no stranger to the political arena. Jerry is a fairly laid back individual who gets more done by using his intellectual agility.

Sean Hennessey is a well healed, hard charging Irish Catholic Democrat who is no patsy as the Democratic Party Chair or soon to be Commissioner. Sean being displaced by DOT was moved into the deputy commissioner slot in the not too distant past, in his dual role as Commissioner and Chairman, he will answer to himself.


Anonymous said...

Eaton is a great choice by GOP. He helped me several times when i called Wright's office. My guess is Henessey will no longer be calling the shots at BOE.

The Almanack Editor said...

If you turn on your RSS feed, I will read you regularly and add you to the Adirondack Almanack blogroll.

Welcome to the local blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Jerry. A terrific asset in a key position.

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