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Monday, March 31, 2008

Jim Fayle Resigns

Jim Fayle, Executive Director for the Jefferson County Job Development Corp. and the Industry Development Agency is reported to have tendered his resignation to accept a job with Empire State Development Corporation.


Wish him well and speculate on his replacement.


Anonymous said...

I understand an official from Lewis County is the top contender.

Anonymous said...

Lewis County, are you crazy. The county has been going in the right direction under Jim Fayle. To have someone from Lewis County take his job would be a step backwards.

Anonymous said...

The person from Lewis County has only been there for less than month. He has don wonders in Warren and Washington Counties.

Anonymous said...

Why not get someone local that has brought jobs into the area? They would have success in this area.....there is a company called CFS that has brought jobs - maybe one of their guys.

Anonymous said...

CFS, they have nothing in common with what Jim Fayle and the JCIDA/JCJDC do on a daily basis.

I sure hope you and the person who suggested a Lewis County offical are not responsible for hirring Fayles replacement!

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