"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Call It What It Is

Affixing labels to people based on perceived social class, race, gender, or lifestyles is never a good practice for anyone to participate. The residents of the 48th Senate district were casual recipients to candidate branding with such terms as “one of us” and “spoiled rich kid” it is a practice that has a tendency to ricochet.

And so the story goes, the man that made his life and built a career out of righting the wrong and the man that carried more labels than possibly prosecutions as Attorney General. Spitzer just added to his list of labels affixed to him by the media and public, labels that no one would admire such as: Client 9, Luv Guv, Naked Emperor, and Spoiled Rich Kid.

The Republican’s are giddy over this, the Democrats do not know what to think, some are in the bunker protecting him with righteous talk and some abandoning him like a dilapidated dangerous building about to collapse.

The Republicans would be well served to proceed with governing, the issue will take care of itself, and the Democrats would be well served to face reality. This is a disaster of Spitzer’s own making; he set himself up by setting his standards and expectation high. There is no protecting him, it appears that he has knowingly broken the law as well as had a serious ethical lapse.

His actions reflect every negative label affixed to him, it is essentially over for him. Governor Spitzer should resign and allow New York State to move forward with the important task of governing.

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