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Friday, March 28, 2008

Counterfeit Support

It did not require a high IQ in order to tell the difference between local folks volunteering in the Aubertine campaign and paid staffers here on his behalf. The imported staffers did not even know they were in Carthage, Lacona, Ogdensburg or Dexter, much less ask them to spell the names of the respective locales.

What is the most troubling of this is not the mere fact that a campaign was paid for by New York City deep pockets, staffers were trucked in for every street corner in the three counties to wave signs, and bus loads of people brought in from out of the area for a debate to give the appearance of grass roots support, what is the truly troubling part is the hypocrisy of the issue.

The very same campaign the produced all of the above mentioned, is the same campaign that criticized the opposing campaign because a union endorsing the candidate was paying people to attend the event. The UNION was paying, not the campaign!

It is a fair statement to say the voters of Northern New York got duped, the very people who cried foul of the union move should be outraged.

They got duped into the slick advertisements and co-opted by bunch of out of town hacks.

Hard working Northern New Yorker's should expect and deserve better than this type of action. A campaign got away with it this time, but the next election any campaign from any party attempts these actions, they should be held accountable. Staffers from other senate offices are one thing but picking people off a street corner in Albany or New York City to place them on a street corner with campaign signs or send them to people's door with campaign literature is preposterous.

The public deserves an apology from campaign and the Democratic Chairs.


TF said...

Total, complete and utter horse-hockey.
But if you keep saying it long enough you'll actually believe it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say, Sir William of Douglaston Manor...wait for the thaw and start collecting tolls. FREAK!

Anonymous said...

I got a phone call from one of the employees of the democrap asking for my vote--she was supporting him even though she couldn't vote for him--she really did admit this on the phone---and my caller ID showed a NYC area code--all politicians are criminals--democraps and repugnicans

Politicaliv.com said...


This post is not defending any campaign only pointing out the hypocrisy of one to another.

Were you not critical of the union paying people to show up for a rally for the other candidate?

You do not find this to be more flagrant?

Anonymous said...

The way of the future for local campaigns will be the use of PR firms and wider bases of personnel, as the stakes are getting higher and higher.

And it's OK to pay people for doing a job - kind of a principle of the American way of life.

One other point - both campaigns had 'outsiders' from other staff working on this election, so to single out the Aubertine campaign is totally unfair.

As long as the fundraising and the campaign tactics are legal, these candidates aren't doing this as a hobby so let them have at it.

Anonymous said...

Hello ! ! ! Working yourself into a hissy fit because "their side kicked my sides butt"?

By your personal definition, both sides used dubious and/or devious means to gather votes. So exactly how is one party 'more' guilty than the other???

As the previous poster stated, as long as they work within the legal boundaries set by law, there is no crime in paying someone for working for you.

You really have a distorted mindset.

The election is over. Get over it and move on.

Anonymous said...

A great many of those "outsiders" were college students at local universities who were looking for extra money. They live here seven months of the year. The "kids" that I worked with may have started out looking for spending cash, but by the end of a long campaign they were pumped about the possibility of making history and being a part of it all.
Some of the out-of-work GM employees, many of whom live in another senate district but in the North Country, also worked for the WFP effort. They had a real interest in getting quality representation in the Senate.
So Will Barclay, Moe Todd (WHO?) and the Republicans (yes, I got pushed-polled two days ago)can shout and whine all they want. They ran a bad campaign and their candidate was the wrong one. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

No doubt they ran a bad campaign but Barclay is a decent guy who does a good job in the Assembly. The silver spoon crap is tiring, kind of like seeing Dummy Darrel bouncing around on a tractor. When was the last time he pulled a teat, 1975??

The WFP is as phoney as the socialist unions their members claim to come from. Organizaed is big business. They piss away money, squelch dissent and abuse their workers. As Pogo said, "we have met the enemy and they are us." As far as the GOP Senate volunteers, I know a bout of them personally and they all their own used vacation and personal leave time to volunteer. Nobay paid them.

Working Fonies Party is an embarassment and nothing butthe democrats boot-licking lapdog.

Anonymous said...

As a local person who did the calling I found the people on the other end of the phone knew what was going on from both sides. Many were sick of the calls especially at family time but the number one item they did not like was the negative campaigning over the real issues. Not one person cared who called or where they were from or how much was being spent. Listen to the people and be "one of them"! As a local caller your statement is out of touch and more negative comments!!! I guess nothing learned from the last election.

Anonymous said...

Ok, how 'bout people focusing on the apparent point of the post.


Aubertine campaign people and supporters criticized the young Barclay lad on the union paying its people to show up at a rally. Remember that?

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