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Friday, April 25, 2008

Could This Be (W)Right

UPDATED: The Daily Politics blog is quoting James Wright.

Brett Favre left the door open recently for a return to the line up of the Green Bay Packers if the organization, players, and fans needed him.

Sources in Albany are reporting rumblings of thunderclouds in the North Country that James Wright is being strongly encouraged by friends and associates in Albany as well as the North Country to return to office.

GOP leaders throughout the state are seeking his candidacy and hopeful of a return to the New York State Senate while Wright is reported not to have declined at this point; to the contrary, friends are saying he is seriously considering it. This would make for an exciting Senate match up between Aubertine and the former Senator. This blog has learned of a possible poll taken after he left office that shows Wright with a 75% approval rating in the 48th Senate district and him winning the general election match up against Aubertine by an overwhelming margin. This would be a great race!

Apparently the speculation of the comeback is being driven by a number of factors; a surprise in the results of the special election, the district’s treatment in the last budget, and the capital projects that were included in this year’s budget that was essentially work accomplished by Wright before he left office but Aubertine gladly accepting credit.

The ATV / DEC issue is no less of a contributing factor with representatives apparently contacting Albany in order to get action for a resolution on their behalf and constituents are reported extremely dissatisfied with a lack of response from Senator Aubertine or his office. They strongly feel there is a connection between the recent hires in the Aubertine office and that lack of response.

The Wright / Aubertine match up would prove to be one of the most exciting races in years in the North Country, featuring a candidate Wright who is sharp on the issues and astute about the workings of this district, he was a representative of the people and one who believes “all politics is local.”



Anonymous said...

Best news I heard all day. Darrel=Disaster for the North Country. Just look at the JCC budget debacle and now, his silence on the threats to ATVers and the boost they provideour economy.

My message to Jim Wright: where do I sign up to volunteer?

concerned said...

I recently wrote to Sen Aubertine and had my email "kicked" back? Is 2 months in office not long enough to change his contact information? How are we to contact him "smoke signals"? Please have the correct information up within the next 4-5 months so we can express our concerns on the ATV situation.

Anonymous said...

The JCC Budget Debacle ? ? ?

You mean the one where JCC did NOT finish their capital plan, did NOT have the formal support of their sponsoring County, and did NOT submit any plan to the State prior to the State Budget?

Yeah. Your credibility = ZERO.

Anonymous said...

Reading is a difficult task no doubt, but no where did it mention JCC.

I think the reference was the Oswego project for which Aubertine took credit.

Possibly Canton, which he may have played a role in as an Assemblyman.

Anonymous said...

Reading is difficult isn't it, the writer was responding to anonymous #1, you should realize that a non e moose #3, who likely will be discovered soon enough for whatever Republican party wag he/she in fact is at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

No Jim Wright's time has come and past, time for a change and the change has happened. I've yet to see the economic boost of ATV's.

Anonymous said...

ATV's are a menace to society. All this garbage about it's only a few bad applies tearing up the land--ABSOLUTE JIBBERISH; every machine does it. As a tool for law enforcement they are perfect. ANY other use is and should be illegal. Everyday I see some new joker driving one on the roadway where ever and whenever they want. They should be arrested and the machine conficated permanently and be given to the local Sheriffs Department. When they wind up with too many sell them for scrap metal with a "must be destroyed" clause.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Wright resigns half way through a term to take a higher paying lobbying job, so he can afford to pay all his alimony and child support payments. In doing that he leaves central and northern new york with out a senator. In doing so he also makes central and northern new york endure a painfully expensive and ugly special election, in which his hand picked guy whom he endorsed squandered a 35000 enrollment advantage.
Now that Dede and Mchugh have decided not to run, Jimbo wants to run again because it wasnt the plan when he resigned to lose the seat to Aubertine.
My question is who is going to pay Jimbo the difference to make up for the pay cut he would have to take to move back into the Senate?

Anonymous said...

Plus, was there something more to his resigning...scandal? controversy?? P.J.??? Inquiring minds want to know (and may find out if he runs again)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA -- so he confirmed people have asked me. So what? People asked Will, who isn't running. People asked Dede, who isn't running. He is making hay and putting his name back out there, but there is NO WAY Jim Wright will leave his job as a very highly paid lobbyist to reclaim a seat he decided just months ago he no longer wanted.

Mark my words -- in about two months when you realize there is no way he would actually run, you will be re-examing your views of Wright as a faithful man of the people.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate that he left but an opportunity none-the-less. People of the North Country are slow to embrace any type of change, that is obvious and not an insult. Our system of governance locally is very outdated, Jim Wright never did anything to change that. In fact, by passing out pork to local communities he actually encouraged it. We need some real change. Give the new guy a chance, Wright has years of screw ups but we gave him a chance. If we find someone we cannot live without in November, then so be it. Jim Wright is not it - he is the status quo and people around here really like that.

Anonymous said...

Darrel can't or won't take a position on the DEC issue in closing 52 trails to ATV's. He won't answer e-mails on the subject...try it and you'll see.

He's forgotten that he from Jefferson County as he acts like a downstater.
Bring back Jim Wright...Darrel needs to go!

Anonymous said...

Thank God, we need Senator Wright back. Darrel can't put two words together let alone any helpful legislation.


Anonymous said...

Yeah because over the past decade and a half that Wright was in office the North Country just thrived... look how good we have it here!
Give Aubertine a chance in the Senate!

Anonymous said...

Then Senator Wright made a choice to leave office and do so in while his term was still in effect. Millions get spent of party and donors money for a special election to seat a replacement for ten months before the fall elections determines the permanent replacement....Jim doesn't like the outcome because his "party" lost and now considers a comeback for the "good of the people"....bullpucky....now he wants millions spent again by the "party" to regain the seat he willingly gave up.....go for it Jim and make sure you spend every dime out of your own pocket to do so....if you take a dime from anyone else you are a hypocrite.....perhaps folks need to go back four months ago and read all of Jim's tearful goodbyes....I used to be very impressed and support this man....not anymore!

Anonymous said...

poster 6 go to lewis county esp tug hill bar owners. ask them.

poster 7 "menace to society" is a bit of a stretch isn't it?

main topic:

Wright is a better politician (if there is such a thing) and campaigner than DA.

Wright is more experienced.

Wright is infinitely better spoken

Both will ample cash available

Much of the Northcountry has been impacted one way or another by a Wright member item.

Republicans have enrollment advantage.

Wright wins by at least 10 percent of the vote

Anonymous said...

Wow! Is that all the Republicans have to offer! Please Jimmy Run! It would be really nice for Darrel to finally put that final nail in old Jimmy's coffin. Darrel is the best thing to happen to this area in decades and the Scott Grays and Sandy Corey’s just can’t stand it. Darrel’s honesty and drive to advocate for this area are unmatched. Darrel has our vote will for some time to come!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:34AM- yeah, ask the bar owners- the bars in Lewis County are where the ATV money begins and ends but they don't drive our economy nor do the ATVs. Let's see, DWI as economic development- the Jim Wright Republican agenda.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know Wright's voting record on pro-choice/pro-life issues? Aubertine is 100% pro-life.

Anonymous said...

Wright is a better campaigner than DA?
Are you drunk?
Wright has never been in a real race with anything remotely close to a well funded serious contender. Wright has never been in a race where he hasnt had a huge registration advantage.
Meanwhile DA has never been in a race where he has had a registration advantage. He has been victorious in two competitive assembly races (one of those races was aginst Scott Gray, in which Gray lost nearly every single election district.)
He has also won a senate race against a well funded and well known candidate to say the least. He simply outworks his opponents and connects well with voters.
To say Wright is a better campaigner with absolutely zero evidence to back that statement up just shows a complete lack of credibility on your part.

Anonymous said...

perhaps I lack credibility.

DA still can't string together 3 complete sentences.

He BLEW a question at the Save the River event vs WB WHILE READING FROM FLASH CARDS.

BTW, Scott is a decent guy but not exactly "inspiring" on the stump.

Anonymous said...

I live just outside of Lowville basically on Tug Hill. Every year my land is trashed by ATV's. Every yaear I have to get an excavator and have it fixed. Every year I pick up up hundreds if not thousands of beer cans, and not only on my land but at the look out point on top of Whetstone Gulf State Park, in the canyon area. This area used to be pristine but now looks like a dirt race track/dump.

The ATV community need only look to themselves and their disrepectful behavior toward other peoples property and state land for the DEC recent actions against them.

As far as Aubertine's inaction he's only been in for a few months? I voted for Wright a few times and couldn't tell you one thing he did in all of his years. And from my point of view Aubertine's inaction with the ATV's is proactive for those of us who have to actually put up with cleaning up their mess. By the way, in the summer, the ATV crowd has absolutely no significant impact on the economy, except environmental damage and noise.

lewis county said...

if you voted for wright when did you move to lowville becouse you can not for for him in lewis county

Anonymous said...

The grand ole party is desperate to gain this seat back, I guess some of the younger members of the party didn't pan out, Like Renzi, Pumpkin head, Scarface, Now there putting up a garbage man for assembly.

Anonymous said...

Watch for a repeat! Boss man Barclay and the rest of the Oswego Republicans are really ticked Prince William lost. The timeing of Wright's departure says it all. The decision was made that it was time for Prince William to assume his birthright, daddy's old seat. Wright is given a lucrative "non-lobbying" (LOL) job for Boss Barclay's energy industry pals and he resigns so Prince William can run in February and not have to give up his current seat. The plan failed due to DA. If Wright runs and wins, expect a repeat of the same fact pattern!

Anonymous said...

2:06 at least you made lot's of niekels from these soda drinking atv'ers. also if scott gray is so interested in ousting aubertine, step your sorry butt to the plate and run against aubertine so he can kick the other side of your butt.

Anonymous said...

Is this the best the Repubs have got? ATVs? That's a sorry crowd- even at the government level. Lewis County Trail Coordinator Bob Diehl had to pull his foot out of his mouth on the local radio station this week. He came on and said one of the local snowmobile clubs was going to share trails with the ATVs. A couple of days later he had to eat his own words as the snowmobile club denied any association with the ATVs what so ever. About time he got caught publically. Believe nothing you hear from these people.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person here that realizes Lewis County is in Joe Griffo, the Republican Senator in the neighboring district's district, and not Darrel's district.

It is in Dede Scozzafava's Assembly District, so the question is, where are Dede and Griffo on the ATV issue.

It is their district's issue, not Darrel's how is that supposed to be a Darrel issue. Lewis County isn't in the 48th.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Wright's time has come and past, time for a change and the change has happened. Wright proved himself to be quitter. He cost the taxpayers a tons of money in the special election. What is to say he would quit again?

Anonymous said...

Remember Lewis County Trail Coordinator Bob Diehl is being supervised by Sorbello, County's Economic Developer and he is under the supervision of Rich Lucus, County Legislator. Blame the entire chain of command. Then blame the voters of District 8

Anonymous said...

This is not a reality show. He is no comeback as he is outback. This is not a reality show. He can not just quit and start. The old car is broken for good.

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