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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, April 18, 2008

NY Redistricting California Style

Gov Schwarzenegger is proposing a redistricting plan called Voter's First. The current restricting process in California as well as New York allows legislators to choose their voters by drawing their own districts. The result of this gerrymandering is lopsided elections, high retention of incumbent lawmakers and disenfranchised voters.

The Voter's First initiative creates a 14-member commission of citizens balanced by political affiliation to draw districts in an open process free from self-conflict.

This is a much needed reform in New York as well, Mayor Bloomberg a centrist reform minded politician even contributed $250k to the process in California. Governor Paterson should pay close attention to how it unfolds in California and not be afraid to embrace the new process for the 2010 redistricting cycle.

A more competitive election would energize the electorate. If you were looking for evidence, it is the Democratic primary, which is drawing a huge voter turnout in every state. There is excitement in states where they have not seen a contested primary this late in the process.

LATER ADD: California Voters FIRST Initiative Website

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