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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Dean 25

Democratic National Party Chair Howard Dean has appointed his 25 individuals to the all powerful Credentials Committee. The Dean 25 will likely make or break Hillary's bid for the nomination if she has continued this battle to the convention and it could also make or break Dean himself.

At issue is the seating of the Michigan and Florida delegation and The Credentials Committee will render a decision on this matter. There are 186 members of the committee and 161 members for the committee are chosen from the states based on primary and caucus results. Since, neither Clinton or Obama will control enough support of the 161 members, the 25 appointed by Dean come into play as the decision makers.

The seating of the Florida and Michigan delegates is extremely important to Clinton and is probably her only remaining chance to win the nomination. If the Credentials Committee turns the convention on its head, it could be costly to Dean.

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