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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Assemble The Candidates In The 118th

The 118th Assembly district is without a representative in Albany and to date it is without an announced candidate also, but that may change. Those who are keeping a scorecard of potential political match ups can add back into the column of potential candidates, Patty Richie.

Richie, who earlier this year said she was not interested in running for the Assembly in a special election but is said to be very interested in running in a general election. A current St. Lawrence County Clerk, Richie has very high approval ratings from the public in that county and she remains well known in Jefferson County from her initial race against Darrel Aubertine in 2002 which she only lost by a small margin.

Patty Richie is widely thought to have the best chance to win the 118th Assembly district for the GOP and those thoughts are supported by polling data according to sources. With the start of May tomorrow, it is time for candidates to begin organizing and announcing.

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