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Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not Again!!

Endangered Species? Picture of extinction?

All possibilities.

In a related post below, A Subservient North Country, it was shown where the interests of the North Country are not being represented and some of the actions being taken are not in the North Country's best interest.

And it is reported to have happened again. Another measure by the Governor and legislature that will have a negative effect on the North Country. Perhaps the North Country is becoming the poor stepchild who should just go to their room and lose all their privileges.

The state Division of Budget swept excess funds from various accounts in order to balance the budget this year. Some of these accounts are generated by user fees and designated specifically for certain areas such as the
Snowmobile Trail Development & Maintenance account, which lost $1 million in the sweep according to an article in the Albany Times Union.

Here is an excerpt from the article in the Albany Times Union;

The fees -- $45 for members of snowmobile clubs and $100 for all other owners -- rose in 2004 under Gov. George Pataki to make sure trails remain open and in good shape. The 65,000-member New York Snowmobile Association supported the increased fees with the understanding the money would be used to reimburse snowmobile clubs that tend the trails and purchase grooming equipment, fuel, signs, bridges, culverts and insurance.

But in less than four years after increasing the fee in 2004, the fund had more money than the state was spending.

Michael Fischer, president of the state association, said "to take money from that dedicated fund, we think is a major issue, and is inappropriate." He wrote a letter to Gov. David Paterson last week, complaining there won't be enough money in the fund to meet current trail maintenance and liability insurance costs.

The "raid," he said, could cause clubs to shut down and the 10,000 miles of trails to close because of the timing of registration fees.

When will these actions end? Where is Senator Aubertine and could he possibly even have supported something this detrimental to the North Country?

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