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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Honorable Senator Aubertine

Senator Darrel Aubertine reads a letter on behalf of Governor Paterson
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Fellow blogger Northern New York follies writes an interesting piece on Darrel Aubertine's latest blunder of hiring his sister. What he tacitly pointed out is that from the press release Northern New York has possibly a co-senator when it said "we" became aware of the potential conflict. There is no "we" it should be; when the Senator became aware.


Anonymous said...

Wow. No wonder this guy never says a word on the floor of either the Assembly or the Senate. Seems public speaking -- even from a written text -- isn't quite his strong suit.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Aubertine, but with all the ridicule of his command of the English language (or lack thereof), can you help explain THIS sentence?

"The is no 'we' it is the Senator became aware"


Politicaliv.com said...

Typo corrected.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken, IV. Why isn't Darrel stepping up and taking the heat for his hiring blunder?

The "we" proclamations fromo his office staff sound like something out of the old Soviet Union (remember them?).

Anonymous said...

This blog was solely created as an avenue to attack Senator Aubertine, it is very familiar to the Watertown Daily Tabloid. Is John B. Johnson behind this blog? I ask because like Johnson the writer of this blog has not a single shred of integrity in his/her body. Much the contrary of Senator Aubertine.

Anonymous said...

It is ok for you to make mistakes and typos but not for Aubertine while speaking.
PoliticalIV seems to be ahead of Aubertine at every turn. It makes me think that he should run for Senate. Judging by your blogs I would think that Aubertine would be no problem for PoliticalIV. Just as Will Barclay.

Anonymous said...


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